Armored Core VI’s use of gray could inspire a new generation of carpet

Earlier this year, I compared MMO Lost Ark to a gray carpet, in the sense that MMO Lost Ark is just like a gray carpet: trendy but drab. At the time I was in the market for a new—and totally necessary—underfoot experience, so I turned to my local carpet guy for said velor. In the end he seemed pleased that I rebelled against the majority and chose the sunny cornflower color.

But the latest Armored Core VI teaser trailer from this year’s Geoff Awards has put me in a contemplative mood. “Maybe,” I thought, “the carpet guy will appreciate FromSoftware’s use of gray.” While there’s no mysterious flat surface to see, could the trailer have caused the payback arc to run?

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know anything about the Armored Core series. Technically, I suppose, I know games feature large bots fighting each other, but that’s it. It also never really interested me, as machines can’t zip down slopes like deer from oblivion. They only fire big Gatling guns and rarely back down, because they are insensitive and thoughtless slabs of metal. Gape, am I right?

Then at the Geoff Awards, I saw “FromSoftware” flash across the screen, having just watched a world succumb to some fiery cataclysm (It wouldn’t be FromSoftware without fire and ashes, would it?). Then: blame! grey. There is ashes all over the shaft, with a gray sky, the decomposing remains of a gray building. Even the font color they use is gray, not white (except for the “FromSoftware” popup) and not white. A gray robot wearing a backpack lifts a gray limb from the ground.

Today I learned that the Rubicon is a river in Italy and not just one of the best drink brands you can buy at a gas station. Nice use of gray here, right?

I know I’m only judging Armored Core on the CG trailer, which isn’t the same way I aimed the metaphorical grayness of Lost Ark. However, I believe the Armored Core has the ability to offset the gray in Carpet Man’s eyes. The use of gray in the game trailer is nothing like my Dell monitor stand, or the cover of the 4th edition copy of Strunk & White’s classic reference book The Elements Of Style. No, it’s charred and cracked and what you’d get if you pulled my Dell monitor stand through some chipboard or put items of my model in a bed of nails. Gray isn’t elegant, it is shabby elegance.

I can see Carpet Man’s eye burning up with new excitement as various mechanics slide into view and lock into place. Look at all the shadows! Fumes and gray lines from helicopter blades! The machines really do look like the veterans they once were they were The embodiment of primal grey, before humans watered it and painted their silly little curtains with it. “Oh, a little sunlight is too much for you?” These huge robots, you will say. “Grow up. We mechanics had to deal with the Rubicon fires, the hell out of here.”

And Carpet Man will take the mechanic’s history on board and see his gray carpet inventory in a new light. Maybe he’d take out all of his inventory, order some sheet metal, and start his own trend of cool, untouched floors. I hope he does. Maybe I’ll come back one day, when I also want to play Armored Core VI in my little living room and I want to replace my silly little rugs with some of the coolest, most stylish metal pads on the market.

Thanks FromSoftware, maybe gray is cool again.

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