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Just a reminder that there’s still plenty of time to rate your favorite Switch games of 2022 and influence our ranking of the top 50 games we’ll be publishing later this week. You will still be able to rate games and influence the ranking After, after To post too, but there’s nothing like a moment of anticipation ahead of results, right?

[And also, a note to readers in the comments wishing Sonic Frontiers were included: it is! As stated below, every Switch game released this year is eligible — we’ve only restricted the shortlist displayed below to games we thought highly of to avoid having 42(!) pages of games for you to wade through. If you want to rate Sonic Frontiers, simply head to its game page and have at it.]

Keep going, lovely people!

Game of the Year™ is upon us again, returning with an annual insatiable appetite to rank and rank the best video games released in the last 365 days. It’s been a year full of quality and quantity when it comes to Nintendo’s mature console, and many of us have a big backlog to get over during the upcoming holiday season.

Here at Nintendo Life, we have our GOTY roster for staff (which we’re handling a little differently this year — watch this space) but Main The event is the dynamic community’s 50 best Switch game of the year. We’ve got one for every year of the Switch’s life so far, each arranged according to user ratings for the corresponding games in our database.

Looking at how things stand in each of these rankings in real time (which, remember, is subject to change even now as game user ratings change over time), here are the top Switch Game winners from the previous five years:

But what will be on top pops this is general? Well, that’s totally up to you, lovely people.

Below, you’ll find every Switch game we’ve reviewed this year awarded a 6/10 or higher. To rate any games you’ve played, registered users can simply click the star next to the corresponding title and give them a score out of 10.

We strongly encourage you to use the search bar below to find the games you’re looking for, but otherwise you can browse the list. Please note All Switch games released in 2022 are eligible and available for rating in our database – We’ve simply selected the pages shown below to avoid endless pages of scrapers. If there’s something we didn’t review (or didn’t enjoy as I did) that you’d like to rate, you can find it by heading to the search bar at the top of the page and going straight to the game page.

All of your ratings will then be sorted into a flexible, flexible list that will remain influenced by user ratings even after they are published. So, if an amazing game launches between Christmas and New Years, it still has a chance of appearing if it has an impressive enough user score to crack the top 50.

Happy review!

Thanks for voting’! We will reveal the results soon. Our database should contain every game released in 2022, but please let us know below if there is anything missing that you would like to rate.

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