Google Pixels are great phones – why aren’t more people buying them?

If you were to make a list of the best phones to come out in the past year, Google’s Pixel phones would rank very high. But type in a list of the best-selling phones, and Google phones will be hard to find.

It’s a dilemma Google has faced since the original Pixel debuted in 2016, but the question has become more specific as each subsequent phone has brought more improvements to the stack: Google makes great phones with the Pixel — why don’t more people use them?

“Google has invested heavily to build the Pixel brand, but compared to Apple and Samsung, it still has a mountain to climb,” agreed Ben Wood, senior analyst and chief marketing officer at CCS Insight. “The brand has resonated well with tech enthusiasts, but gaining wider adoption is a challenge.”

Google Pixel 7 vs. the PIxel 6a cameras

(Image credit: Future)

This year’s Pixel releases have highlighted the gap between what Google’s phones offer and how it translates (or fails) in smartphone sales. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro received very positive reviews, with their cameras earning the usual praise. For me, though, the phone of the year was the Google Pixel 6a, a mid-range offering that delivered one of the best camera phones for the money while also using a Tensor chipset to power experiences unique to Google phones.

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