Buffy: David Boreanaz for Angel Success, Sarah Michelle Gellar Reunion


There were a lot of good things coming out of it the top hosting Josh HorowitzInterview with Paramount + seal team star David Boreanaz regarding his time Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy Summers) and its spin-off as Angel. This time, Boreanaz explains how being in his mid-twenties made it easier to handle the success of playing the vampire with spirit (even when you’ve got a milk mustache and a legendary cameraman). Annie Leibovitz He wants to take your picture). Next, Boreanaz discusses if his kids watched his BTVS/Angel Action and If an on-screen reunion in Boreanaz and Gellar Cards (with the latter wolf pack Also on Paramount+). His response to the two teaming together behind the camera for a series of sorts was quite interesting – be sure to check it out.

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with Buffy /Angel Conversations (beginning at 11:05 and 19:00 a.m.), Boreanaz and Horowitz also discuss bones and Paramount+ seal team. On a personal note, the actor opens up about his sports day, working on behalf of SEAL team veterans and much more:

Buffy stars David Boreanaz as Angel & Meeting Sarah Michelle Gellar

“I remember reading the breakdown. It was like…the vampire with a soul. He was 240 years old, and he’s kind of like the ‘Joe Louis’ of fighters. You can take him down, but he’ll always come back… Right? I really got to know the fighter side.” of that,” Boreanaz shared as he explained what it was about Angel that drew him to the role and allowed him to connect with the character. “Like, a character who’s going to come back no matter how many times he’s taken down. So that was my kind of mantra going into the process of being cast for the role.”

As for meeting Gellar for the first time on set, it didn’t take long for Boreanaz to be impressed with his co-star. “I first met Sarah on the set the day before I was supposed to shoot the next day. And I remember walking into the set, the ceilings were so low, and there was a fight sequence going on, and there was Sarah, kind of in the distance. And, you know, I met her, And I was just amazed at how they had just finished filming the scene, and the crew was just breaking up and moving, and lo and behold she was. So energetic and so sweet. And here I am… Just holding on to my cool, right? Exactly, exactly whatever I do, I’ve been there, I’ve done it. You never show your weaknesses, right? Like… I’m dying on the inside. I go, ‘Yeah, you know, see you tomorrow at work… It’ll be great.’ I’ve never done this before, in my life, right? So getting this job was huge,” the actor shared. Now here’s a look at an excerpt from the full interview:

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