What will you play this weekend? (10 Dec)

Alana Haggis, Staff Writer

I’ve been playing more Signalis after trying it out on Game Pass a few weeks ago, and I’m no longer hooked on it! I also have Ghost Song on the agenda, and I’m a sucker for Metroidvania, which means I’ll probably end up enjoying this song. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is also on the cards, because I haven’t tried the new courses yet! Maple Treeway is a favorite so I’m excited to revisit it.

The only new release I’m hooked on this weekend is Chained Echoes. This looks like a very cool SNES-inspired JRPG with fast turn-based combat, and I’ve heard some excellent things about this game. Stay warm guys!

Jim Norman, staff writer

after he spent literal watches Trying to defeat the last boss in Metroid Dread, you finally beat him! Here are my hot shots: It’s a very Good Game. However, this means that I am now in a mourning period that only comes when you have finished a game you are fully invested in.

In that woe, I’ve been enjoying working through Beacon Pines so far this week and will likely be closing in on that this weekend – more contrast to Metroid? I also have Signalis downloaded and ready to go, so I’ll probably dip my toe into that when I find the time. Just as long as I’m allowed to keep the lights on all the time…

Alex Olney, Video Producer

I’ve had almost entirely busy weekends over the past six weeks or so, so I’m down for some serious video game goodies. I recently downloaded A Plague Tale: Requiem thanks to Game Pass, so that might give that a little whirl, and no doubt there will be some Splatoon 3 thrown in for good measure. I also meant to return to Stardew Valley’s excellent multiplayer rather than just staring thoughtlessly at another player star Wars A chain, so if I could start this habit again I would be a very happy bunny.

Kate Gray, Staff Writer

This weekend I’m going to be playing Sea of ​​Thieves with my pirate crew. yar. We’re pretty good at Sea of ​​Thieves except when he “accidentally” sets the boat on fire.

Other than that, I play Disney Dreamlight Valley and Metal Gear Solid V! These are two very different games but I enjoy them as a pairing. Also, imagine Kojima’s version of Dreamlight Valley…

Oli Reynolds, Staff Writer

This week, I rebooted New Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. U Deluxe on Switch, partly because I wanted to relax with something easy, and partly because I’m trying to show off a brand-new 2D Mario game from Nintendo. Come on, it’s about time, right? But not in the “new” style, please…

Otherwise, I don’t play much at the moment! With the reveal of Hades II, I might just jump back into the original game again for a few rounds, as we’ll see.

Goncalo Lopez, reviewer

Not surprisingly, I’m back to my knees in Front Mission 1st: Remake. You’ll dip a little more into New Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja along with some Splatoon 3 amiibo prizes. I admit I’ve been neglecting this week’s eShop releases but I definitely need to check out Chained Echoes at the very least. The Gamecube disc tray still spins with Virtua Striker 3 ver. 2002 World Cup fever.

The game of the week is Dragon Quest Treasures. I simply can’t find anything I don’t like about this game except for the fact that I only have a few days to complete it before Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion arrives next week. Please make room for your better RPG releases, Square-Enix senpai.

As always, thank you for reading! Be sure to leave us a comment below with your weekend gaming plans!

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