Halo Infinite’s final update of 2022 is quietly one of its biggest

infinite auraThe latest update for 2022 is also, surprisingly, one of the biggest. The update, which is rolling out today to Xbox and PC, adds a new map, a bunch of free cosmetic options, and a file browser (which is…more important than it sounds).

As a direct-service shooter, infinite aura It regularly receives content updates, whether in the form of major ballyhooed seasonal launches or smaller, sporadic “drop incubators”. These capsule updates are usually small potatoes — slight tweaks to how certain weapons work, for example, or small tweaks to the look of the scoreboard. It’s usually not massive launches that completely overhaul the game.

The highlight of today’s inclusion is the addition of The Pit to the multiplayer map rotation. A staple in the series since 2007 Halo 3developer 343 Industries revealed its listing in infinite aura Again in September 2022 infinite aura In the incarnation, he was renamed Empyrean, and was reinvented using a violet-colored Respray. Empyrean née The Pit will be rotated into multiplayer matchmaking and existing games via the new dedicated game browser.

Photo: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios

Historically if you like to play online matchmaking in infinite aura, I was limited to the maps and modes offered in the 343’s rotating playlist. A custom game browser gives players a chance to jump into game types with custom rules set by other players. But it also opens the floodgates to matchmaking in the Forge, infinite auraPowerful set of creation tools.

Over the past month, creators have come up with thousands of new maps, everything from a Toy Story level to reimagine Super Smash Bros.The iconic final destination stage. But the only way to actually get into these matches is to either have friends who also play (highly unlikely) or b) find a Discord full of dedicated fans (Difficult passes). infinite auraOur dedicated game browser should give more gamers the chance to play these innovative game modes.

infinite auraThe cosmetics approach was… divisive, to say the least. Most cosmetic options are associated with modular sets called armor cores, each with a unique set of color options. Snazzier kits are usually only available to those who earn a premium pass for each season, which retails for $10. (Semi-apologies for the delay infinite auraSeason Three, 343 Industries Made reach the aura– Titled Mark V[B] Available for free last month.)

Today’s update makes every shield core free for every player. Moreover, all 5 existing cores will be able to change the set of 10 primary color options. These hues are by no means the most striking cosmetic infinite aura Available (see screenshot at the top of this article), but add options suggest this infinite aura It could someday allow any two players to mix and match colors across the cores.

That’s along with the standard quality of life improvements: things like tweaks to mouse and keyboard support, along with improvements to the game’s notoriously finicky online connection. Oh yeah, and you can mute annoying players from the scoreboard now. Takes thatArbiterSucks420!

You can read the full patch notes here.

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