What does Armored Core 6 even look like in a post-Elden Ring world?

The Best Games FromSoftware Over the past 30 years or so, paint a divided picture. On the one hand, you have games that apply a fantasy twist to historical time periods, where the forces of light and dark have always clashed and threaten the very existence of humanity. From King’s Field to Tenchu, Otogi, Evil spiritsand, of course, Sheikh’s ringDistinctive themes of honor, valor, revenge, corruption, cursed lands and holy bands run through each of these titles. However, on the other side of the divide, you have Armored Core – a futuristic sci-fi series about giant mechs knocking shit out of each other.

Well, I’m oversimplifying. Even the first armored core – arrived on PSOne in Japan and the US in 1997; SUMMER 1998 IN EUROPE – Had a great personalization group, and dealt with some very complex topics about manufacturing and the corporate system. But at its core (its armored core, if you will), it was about hulking robots firing laser cannons and chain guns into tight spaces. And he absolutely shone in the local multiplayer.

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