The 5 best new movies and TV shows to watch this weekend

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro And the white lotus.
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If I knew how to explain the drama “woooo” white lotusI was going to lead that, but instead you gotta bear this trend I wanted to include in honor of the end of the season: Until we meet againTanya McQuaid and her mates! You were all so much fun – yes, even you, Portia – but mostly you were at Harper’s at Aubrey Plaza. I have ruled. On Sunday, we’ll finally see how good Sicily fares, but there are other options to help curb your expectations until then (like Guillermo del Toro’s precious new movie!). Here are our suggestions for what to watch this week:

Speaking of his new series on Netflix, Cabinet of curiositiesDel Toro’s latest movie arrives just in time for the holidays! After a year of poverty Pinocchio Remakes, this one is in high demand. No one seems better suited to tackle the dark fairy tale than del Toro. His direction and whimsy–paired with beautifully stop-motion animation and an all-star cast featuring Ewan McGregor, David Bradley, Tilda Swinton, and Gregory Mann as the young boy himself– Pinocchio It is a knockout option for the family this weekend.

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There’s been talk of delightful Brendan Fraser returning to the spotlight – even if he’s technically always been around – and that’s because Fraser Whalesaving grace. Director Darren Aronofsky takes the screenplay from Samuel D. around it. It’s a claustrophobic little movie, and it wasn’t without criticism — Hollywood has never been kind or accurate to fat people. Whale Himself does not speak openly about the issue, but Frasier does his best to make Charlie a real person incarnate. Watching him switch between the dichotomy of Charlie’s heartbreak and his pure optimism for others is absolutely amazing.

The holiday season has come, which means cheesy Christmas rom-coms! It’s really magical. And while Netflix and Hallmark dominate the field, Prime Video premieres its own Christmas rom-com, Something from Tiffany. Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson star as two strangers who meet each other after their gifts are accidentally mixed up. classic. Give me all the cheese!

Available to stream on Prime Video

wrote critic Roxana Haddadi, and it is a favorite of The Vulture’s south side It entered the “Golden Age” in its third season. The Chicago comedy by Diallo Riddell and Bashir Salahuddin centers on members of the city’s working-class community, especially Simon and K. While these two lead the show, south sideThe close circle of side characters is what helps make them stand out. It’s time to catch up.

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It’s hard to write an eloquent idea about it white lotus Without my mind blasting operatic hymns to the overture and Europop dancing too loudly. Sorry if it’s stuck in for you Head out now, but with the drama-filled season drawing to a close, it’s a good time to catch up if you’re running late — because you just know the internet is going to catch fire then.

also! Read our broadcast recommendations from The weekend of December 1st. The following Vulture’s list of weekend live-stream picks is posted online on Friday, December 16th.

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