Smallville creators admit ‘the Clark-Lana event has gone on for far too long’

Tom Welling

Tom Welling
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Criticism did not come faster than a rapid bullet, but it was more powerful than movement. Smallville Width Al Gough and Miles Millar “Both of us” embodied heck (The fictional relationship between clark kent and lana lang 21-year-old TV show Smallville) in a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter About their hit show on Netflix, Wednesday. And by “physically out of,” we mean calmly accepting Critics of their daughter that romance It lasted a little longer than it should have.

when the ReporterChristy Peña Requested Gough and Millar if they wish I did anything differently with Smallville TodayGough took the opportunity to talk to both of us. “Clark has been over Lana for way too long,” he said. “Something else had to happen there. I think that was it.” One that repeated a bit. My youngest daughter now, finally then WednesdayYou will come back to watch Smallville, which is in the second season. She said, “What’s the deal with those two?” I’m like, “It was a different time.” So, I think there are things there that, if we go back, maybe we could be more adventurous with some of these relationships and bring it to certain heads and let it play out.”

He is not mistaken. Back in 2001, people were still clamoring for wills, they won’t be Sam and Diane and they still have four years to wait for Jim and Pam to impress viewers with their smiles and constant flirtations. It was a different time.

while Millar says they are in it He would write all of the female characters differently than our modern view. We were definitely cautious and very aware of the fact that we wanted to get to five seasons, we ended up with 10, but we’re just like, ‘Okay, if we take them apart, what are we going to do? Millar said. Again, as the girls’ father, I think the female characters we’d do differently today. I think Lana, her agency wasn’t there. She could have been a much stronger character, and she always felt so vulnerable. It’s a different era, a different time. So It’s something I think we could have done and we’ll definitely think about doing better.”

as it is More often than not, they admit that they wouldn’t be able to make the show today because no one wants shows about superheroes on the CW anymore. When asked if they would revisit Superman, Gough said:

I think we’ve told that story, and they’re always reviving Superman. I just read last night that James Gunn is writing a new movie about a younger Superman, and I’m like, “Okay.” I feel like we were very, very lucky to do the show when we did it because we had to do the show we wanted to do, and frankly, there wasn’t a committee sitting above us telling us what we could or couldn’t do. I mean, we had Warner Features, that wouldn’t do us some characters that we wanted, but we had to do the show that we wanted to do that we wouldn’t be allowed to do that show today. There were a lot of deviations from the canon. One generation’s heresy is the next generation’s gospel.

What do Gough and Millar want to do next Wednesday? Why, restart Miss Marple, of course.

“wI tried for a long time to get a little Miss Marple, and maybe that affected us with a whodunnit element here, but it’s definitely an interesting thing as a character you always see,” Millar said. So, I think that was something, to see how she developed into kind of the nosy old lady in Agatha Christie was something we talked about for a while.”

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