‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ Grooves $75M New Year, Will Cross $400M At Weekend Box Office – Update

Friday evening update: Avatar by water3rd friday on the way to $22M+which is up 15% from Friday the Second’s $19.2 million a week earlier, and will set the total for the 15-day segment roughly 380 million dollars. Today’s total is also greater than Rogue OneThird Friday, $18.2 million. This appears to be shaping up for a 3rd weekend of 3 days from $57Mand -10% and 4 days, 75 million dollars, and maybe a little more in 4,202 theaters. By EOD Monday, January 2, 20th Century Studios/Disney/Lightstorm hopes to stand at 433.1 million dollars in the United States.

PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH (Universal Pictures)

Universal Pictures/Collection Courtesy of Everett

Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s Puss in Boots: Last Wish Looking forward to a 2nd Friday of $5.3M, +39% over last week, 3D of $13.3M (+7%), 4D of $17.7M in 4,121 theaters, and a running total within 13 days of $62.1 million-33% behind singing 2 for the same point in time.

Disney / Marvel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever On Friday the eighth sees around $1.6 million3 days from $4.7 million (+ 33%), 4 days $6.4 million and the total run in its eighth weekend $439.3M. The sequel is in play in 2,310 theaters.

Sony / Persuasive Pictures / Black Label Media’s I wanna Dance With Somebody Sees a second Friday of $1.3M, -35%, and a second weekend of $1.3M. 3.7 million dollars-22% and 4 days from $4.9 million 11 days in total $15.4 million. Biography of Whitney Houston has been booked in 3,625 theaters.

Babel: Lee Jun Lee (centre), Jovan Adepo (right) (Paramount)

Paramount/C2’s Babylon in 3,351 theaters seeing $850,000 today, $2.9 million For the second weekend, -19%, and 4 days from $3.3M 11 days total hike $10.7 million. The film would soon surpass Guillermo del Toro’s lifetime domestic gross Nightmare Alley A dark, high-brow R-rated adult title from last Christmas that finished at $11.3 million. Nightmare Alley It was nominated for four Academy Awards including Best Picture.

Preceding Friday morning: It was another $20 million day for James Cameron Avatar: Water Way, So big that it was the biggest regular Thursday box office take of the year after the sequel took in on Dec. 22 at $14.6 million. Top Gun: MaverickTotal June 2. The film’s current gross is $358 million, the 3-day run is projected to be around $50 million, and will cross the $400 million New Year’s Day threshold for each box office source. Saturday New Year’s Eve is not expected to be as depressing as Christmas Eve was a week ago.

So far, the Disney/20th Century Studios/Lightstorm movie has the following daily records for 2022: highest-grossing Thursday grossing, second-highest-grossing Thursday of the year, first-second-highest Tuesday, and first- and third-highest Wednesday.

Thursday’s global total was $67.9 million. BO’s total overseas volumes are US$810.6 million – a superior figure Top Gun: Maverick$770 million to become the #1 international release of 2022 and #2 overseas MPA title in the age of a pandemic. The global running total of Avatar 2 1.168 billion dollars.

We hear Comscore is down this morning, preventing others from reporting the numbers. Obviously, Disney didn’t have any issues.

We’ll have more updates for you as they come in.

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