December 2022 PS Plus games have to make adjustments in December 2021

Sony has not yet announced PS Plus Free games for December 2022 but it is expected to take place on November 30th. These titles will likely become available on December 6, with the appropriate announcement of PS Plus Extra and Premium games around two weeks later. This new pattern, alternating between reveals and releases with a small break in between, proved popular early on in PS Plus’ new free games tier system, but following a consistent pattern is nothing new on PS Plus. In fact, because of this reliance on modes, it’s a safe bet that December 2022’s PS Plus games will be much better than December 2021’s.

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Sony is constantly changing it up, but when it comes to PS Plus as a whole, they just go from one style to another. This doesn’t make PS Plus games any easier to predict, but just as the reveal and release pattern that has set in over the past few months has become easier to follow (with one exception), it’s the same for PS Plus as well. At one point Sony offered one big game and one niche game every month. Shortly before and after the release of the PS5, Sony has been using PS Plus to push its new console by including both blockbuster and PS5-owner games.

However, this type of style jumping often results in ruts, and that was the case with the end of 2021 games. The service started out strong in 2021 thanks to the PS5, but as it entered that predicament, PS Plus ended weakly and arguably.

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PS Plus free, add-on, and premium games for December 2022 vs. December 2021

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In December 2021, PS Plus subscribers will receive Godfall: Challenge Edition, LEGO DC Super-VillainsAnd the Deadly shell. How each month is received as a whole is entirely up to the players, but the Thief, the Soul-like game, and the LEGO game are a nice variety, meaning there had to be a little something for everyone. The big problem here is that the free PS5 title was Godfall: Challenger Edition, “Limited Price, Limited Feature Edition” Many said it was basically a demo. This may have been preparing demos on the new PS Plus system, but at the time, it annoyed many fans because PS Plus was supposed to offer free games, not feature-limited free versions. It left grief in many mouths, as the entire story was removed, the Fire and Darkness expansion is unplayable, and players jump right into endgame content with an endgame structure that they don’t really have the joy of assembling.

Of course, this controversy is long in the past, but it set a bad tone for the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. The good news is that this fits into the pattern of rumination in which PS Plus found itself at the time. PS Plus has another pattern in place right now that will essentially ensure that free PS Plus games won’t be repeated in December 2021. Because of the new PS Plus system, Sony has been pushing great games onto the service, both on the free end and on the premium end. If nothing else, the sheer quantity is debatable, but quality has a new benchmark right now.

Sony basically adds whole franchises with PS Plus Extra like Doctrine killer And the Yakuza, while ensuring the quality of both large and small games, you will get the service in the middle of the month. Sony sticks to the three-game pattern of free PS Plus games, but it’s hard to be pissed off when fans get access to more than 20 legitimate games and not “feature-limited versions at a discount.” It remains to be seen what else has been added, but the betting man thinks PS Plus will end its 2022 run on a high, not a low, and set a stronger tone for 2023.

PS Plus Subscribers get a handful of games each month.

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