7 things the Galaxy S23 desperately needs (to succeed)

We’re all big fans of flagship phones, even if we don’t admit it sometimes. Yes, getting a good deal with a mediocrity is great, but the excitement, the buzz and the tingling inside your chest when you think about the latest and greatest technological achievements, the bizarre miracles of the modern internet world – that’s a feeling that can’t, however, not feel like things have settled down a bit in recent years, especially when it comes to Samsung’s flagship phones? It may be just me, but the past few generations of Galaxy have left me wanting more — not disappointed, but still hungry.

And while the same has been true for the past few generations of iPhone, today I’d like to share with you things I’d love to see in the future. Galaxy S23 series. These are not far-fetched sci-fi fantasies, but rather small details that will take your Galaxy experience to a whole new level. here we are.

Stop with curved screens already!

I know this is a bit controversial, but hear me out! There is no practical reason to have a curved screen on a smartphone. a period. There are some aesthetic benefits, but apart from that, they are not only practical. First, the screen is more susceptible to damage, and you need a special screen protector (curved) and a special case (shallow on the sides). The frame becomes a sharp edge that digs into your hand; You constantly touch the dummy object with your palm, and the image gets distorted as the screen is bent.

I hate to give Apple as a good example, but the Cupertino guys got away from curved screens a long time ago. However, Samsung retains the shocking curve of its more expensive model, the Galaxy S Ultra. Please, Samsung, use a flat screen on the Galaxy S23 Ultra!

Snapdragon for everyone!

By now, everyone probably knows about the I hate Exynos that it’s all about. Hell, there was even a petition from angry customers trying to get Samsung to stop using Exynos chips in its flagship phones.

Yes, it was that bad back then – Exynos chips were inferior to their Snapdragon counterparts, both in terms of performance and efficiency. Samsung fans outside the US had to pay the same amount for Exynos-equipped Galaxy models, while the experience wasn’t the same.

Things are much better now, and with the AMD partnership, Exynos could find its place somewhere in the broad spectrum of Galaxy models. Just don’t skimp on the hardware when it comes to flagship models. Makes people angry!

It’s time to get some good speakers on your flagship Galaxy device! Not those unassuming little holes in the bottom. I know what you’re thinking: “But the speakers aren’t that bad.” No, it’s not bad, but it could be so much better.

When I tested the iPhone 12 mini two years ago, I was blown away by how loud and clear the sound was. Even small The ZenFone 9 has better stereo sound than most Galaxy S series models. Have the Galaxy S23 series speakers on top and, please, Samsung, louder!

Put back the microSD card slot!

I know I won’t take it back; I just learned. But this is not fair! Take a look at Galaxy A53 5G, a brilliant mid-range phone and one of the best-selling Galaxy phones. It can be found for $300 in the bargain. guess what? Supports microSD cards up to 1TB!

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t have the hole, despite its $1,000-plus price tag. Does not make sense. Well, of course, from a commercial point of view. If you want 1TB of storage on your Galaxy Ultra, you have to pay an extra $400.

I think it would be a great advantage to have one that your main competitor (Apple) doesn’t have rather than removing it to fit. However, the chances of seeing the microSD card slot in the flagship Galaxy phone are slim.

Bring some real camera magic!

The camera system on most Galaxy flagships is great; There is no denying that. We’ve done a lot of blind camera comparisons, and the S series has always been there, fighting for the top spot. What I want to see are some real innovations, such as the continuous zoom periscope lens on the Xperia 1 IV, and variable aperture on the Mate 50 Pro, or the sensor is 1 inch in Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Samsung is playing it safe with the cameras, especially on the vanilla S models. And while we’re on the topic, maybe it’s time we saw an under-display selfie camera on an S series device? The technology has already found its way into an expensive foldable device. Why not put it on the S23 Ultra?

Better colors/finishes

Don’t want a leather back version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra? I do! I had a chance to test the Xiaomi 12S Ultra for a few hours (before it came back to China), and the textured leather made a huge difference. It’s so much better than anything glassy or glass-like, frosted or not.

I know modern phones are designed to be used with a case (which is another huge issue to discuss) but come on. If you want your phone to be “Ultra”, add something unique. It doesn’t have to be leather; It can be a unique texture, material, pattern or something else.

And while we’re on the subject, better color variety wouldn’t hurt the Galaxy S23. Looking at the official colors of the previous generation, they were pretty boring, especially at launch. I’d like to see something brighter, let’s say orange or yellow, on the vanilla model. Save the Burgundy and Black options for the Ultra if you’re worried about it, Samsung.

Don’t go crazy with the pricing!

This should be obvious, but still, in the current economic climate, the smartest thing would be to keep the Galaxy S23 prices in check. The $799, $999, and $1199 scheme is fine; I’m sure there won’t be any riots if it stays the same with the Galaxy S23.

Samsung usually offers great replacement options as well, and I’d love to see those when the new Galaxy S23 series comes out. It’s one of the most powerful tools in Samsung’s business arsenal, and it’s a good one.

last words

There you have it — here’s my list of things that would get me really excited about the Galaxy S23. I know I left out some crazy stuff, though I really wanted to add it all up. But we can’t have infrared cameras, 3D displays, projectors, ultrasound scanners, and things like that on a Galaxy phone. Not in the current climate of smartphones, well, we don’t get removable batteries and audio jacks anymore, so some things are out of the question. Anyway, please share your thoughts in the comments below. What’s on your wish list for the Galaxy S23? Did I miss anything that might be vital? May I know!

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