Nicolas Winding Refn: Hollywood is falling apart hopelessly but cinema can survive

The director also said that he could still do “Drive” today, but that “it would be very difficult to fund it, because the ecosystem is in such a free fall.”

Despite some box office successes this year — Top Gun: Maverick, Avatar: Way of the Water, — the theatrical film industry is still having a tough year, with several notable bombs and lower revenues than pre-pandemic years. Nicolas Winding Refn, a director with a very pessimistic view of the direction the industry is headed, and Hollywood in general, who said that Hollywood as a system is “hopelessly crumbling”.

“Hollywood is so alluring and intoxicating, but it’s also a system that’s crashing hard,” Refn said during an interview on Deadline’s “Crew Call” to promote the upcoming Netflix series “Copenhagen Cowboy.” “And I think they do it more for themselves than anything else. Who knows? I would like to make something grandiose and grand, but I would like to maintain my freedom, my impulse, and my creative control.”

Refn further went on to say that he hopes cinema will survive, but that the theatrical market needs to reinvent itself to compete with broadcasting. He went on to say that he “believes” he will be directing a new film next year.

“The theatrical market is in the process of redefining existence. For cinema to survive, we have to go back and make movies again. There also needs to be an ecosystem that reflects opportunity,” Refn said. “Broadcasting has forced the theatrical market to reinvent themselves as well. . I don’t think the play will ever go away. I think the play will always exist, but it must be challenged in order to become better, more adequate, and more meaningful.

In the US, Refn is best known for directing the 2011 movie “Drive,” which starred Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver and hitman. When asked if he thinks he could have made the movie today, Refn thinks he could, but it would be more difficult to finance given the current state of the industry.

“Of course, I think it would be very difficult to fund it, because the ecosystem is in such a free fall. But I definitely think you can make any movie with a heart these days. In a way, it’s probably good for the system. It’s probably something that pushes things to forward again.”

During the podcast, Refn was also asked if he’d ever considered making a more mainstream movie, like a superhero project, to which he said no.

“I’ve always cherished my independence. I think getting up in the morning, going to work, painting however you want, and coming home, is still the most satisfying experience ever,” said Refn. “If you don’t have the power of control at the end of the day or the ability to manipulate in your favor, this is the committee. You have to spend your entire day struggling to find a middle ground, so what example am I setting for my children? “

Copenhagen Cowboy premieres on Netflix January 5th.

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