The best way to get the only Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Sandreas

Cinderace's art is seen on top of a screenshot of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet tera's raid.

Sandris is coming to Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet later this month.
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Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet The Charizard tera raid event is over, and Game Freak has already announced their next move: Cinderace. Galar fire-type starter is not normally available in these games and, as such, will only be available through this raid. If the Charizard Raid is any indication, it’s going to be a tough fight, but based on what we know, there are some sensible preparations you can start with before the event.

What to expect in the Cinderella Terra Raid

First, the Cinderace raid will be available for two windows, the first from December 30th at 7PM ET through January 1st at 6:59PM ET. It will return on January 13th at 7 PM ET, and finally enter the vault on January 15th at 6:59 PM ET. So the window is small, but if you prepare beforehand, you should be able to defeat and capture Cinderellas without a problem.

Cinderace will be at level 100 (and anyone you bring in the raid should be too), as all seven-star raid bosses are in Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet, and he will be a Terra Martial-type athlete. However, since Cinderace is naturally a Fire-type Pokémon, it’s also important to make sure that any Pokémon you bring into battle can withstand a powerful Fire attack.

For example, while Corviknight can deal some melee-type damage through flying moves, her steel-type will make her vulnerable to Cinderace’s fire moves. So always remember in terra raids to bring a Pokemon that isn’t weak in your boss’ basic type, because a super effective attack won’t matter if you and your teammates get hit by that basic type.

Funnily enough, a lot of the strategies used against Charizard in the last Seven Star Terra Raid would likely be effective against Cinders as well. With Tira’s fighting type, Cinderis will be weak to psychic, plane, and fairy attacks. Given that Game Freak chose to feature a basic Fire-type Pokémon that is weak to fantasy attacks on two consecutive Terra Raid, Azumarill and Dachsbun remain respectable choices for taking on Cinderace.

Azumarill, Dachsbun, and Sylveon huddle together on a rooftop.

Given Cinderace’s base type and tera type, some of the same strategies that worked on Charizard will work this time around as well.
picture: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

The best Pokemon and moves to bring them into battle for the Sandris Raid

Azumarill was a star player in Charizard’s raids due to his water/fantasy typing, which gave him resistance to Charizard’s fire attacks and his Terra Dragon type. These types work in her favor against Cinderace as well, as she will be resistant to fire attacks and will be able to weaken Terra’s fighting type. Dachsbun is a Fairy-type, and his ability to prepare well makes him immune to fire-type attacks, and he also increases his defense by two stages when an opponent attempts to use one against him.

This defense booster will come in handy in fighting Cinderace, because while Charizard is specified as a special attacker, Cinderace is by nature a physical attacker. Although we don’t know her moveset yet, almost all of the moves that Pokémon can learn are physical attacks. Dachsbun already has a high physical defense base at 115 (which can be increased by focusing EV training), and the well-baked body ability would give him a nice boost if Cinderace tries anything fire-based. Azumarill’s physical defense isn’t quite as high, at 80, but that’s still a real respectable number.

If you want to just start with Azumarill, rather than raising a first-stage one like Azurill, you can find it in the northwest area of ​​Paldea in Lake Cassereroya. In the long term, it is best to raise Azurill until it evolves. The Child Form can be found right at the start of the game, in the Southern District (1st District) next to the lake coming from Professor Tohru/Sada’s lab.

Dachsbun is found sporadically around the Paldea region in places such as the western region of the desert in the eastern province (3rd region), the completely southwestern region of the map in the southern province (6th region), and in the western region (3rd region) near the entrance to Zero . But if you want to raise and evolve Fidough into a Dachsbun, you will find it in the same area as Azurill as you walk towards the Pokémon Center.

At the very least, the Azumarill and Dachsbun combo is still worth trying, but there are some potential pitfalls to fighting Cinderace that just didn’t exist against Charizard. For those who don’t know, Azumarill and Dachsbun were useful in the final seven-star raid because Azumarill’s Belly Drum and Play Rough combination was only able to land one shot at Charizard. Belly Drum halves a user’s HP for a massive physical attack boost, and Play Rough causes fairy physical damage to do huge numbers against Charizard as a dragon tera-type. In theory, this strategy should work for Cinderace as well.

The main concern you had in the beginning was keeping Azumarill alive long enough to perform Play Rough, which can be done by either having someone ready to use cheer up “healing”, or have a teammate use a Pokémon with a healing ability like Hatterne using Heal Pulse. Cinderace’s physical attack is high, but his physical defense is pretty average. So the combo can do some real damage, especially if you have a Dachsbun Use the Helping Hand to help boost its power.

All that being said, Cinderace may have one ace in her arsenal that could bring this whole setup to a halt if Azumarill isn’t powerful enough to take her out right away: the Counter. This ability is activated when the user is physically attacked, and deals twice as much damage as received. If Cinderace survives the combination of Belly Drum + Helping Hand + Play Rough, Azumarill probably won’t be able to withstand Counter. It’s still a really powerful combination, but it’s even more dangerous, this time around.

If you want to go the safer route, Sylveon is also an effective option for a private attacker you don’t have to worry about Counter. His physical defense isn’t as high as Dachsbun or Azumarill, but his special attack is quite powerful and he’ll dodge any physical-based reactive moves Cinderace might have in his bag. If you want to lower Cinderace’s own Defense to help Sylveon rip off bits of her health, using moves like Fake Tears can wipe out those few stages, and would be nice to use them every time Cinderace resets fixed nerfs during combat, like tera raid bosses an act. Once that’s done, Sylveon will be free to drop a Moonblast or two. If you have a Dachsbun on your team here, a helping hand will also work wonders for taking out damage.

Armarouge is seen standing in front of mountains in the area of ​​Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Paldea.

Armarouge withstands many of Cinderace’s blows, and has the Psychic Attacks to fight back.
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Good psychic Pokemon to combat against Senderes

Besides Counter, there are two possible surprise attacks that can throw a wrench into all of this: Iron Head and Gunk Shot. Cinderace mostly lacks moves that are very effective against fantasy-type Pokémon, as it can’t learn any steel or poison moves that naturally weaken it. However, Iron Head and Gunk Shot can be learned with TMs, and as Charizard’s raid has already proven with a dragon that knows Focus Blast, these raid heads can pull out of a Pokémon’s full learnable moveset. If this is the case, a psychological attack is recommended.

Physical defense isn’t usually a strong suit for a psychic, but if you search, you can find some mons’ mons that teleport hugely to force through Cinderace’s physical attacks. The Slowbro is a strong starter, with a basic physical defense of 110 and is naturally resistant to fire and melee attacks. She also has good team support moves like Heal Pulse and Psychic Terrain, as well as amnesia to raise her special attack. Then it’s just a matter of bringing out a good psychic to take advantage of the setting.

If you’re not happy with resistance and want to play Pokémon that are immune to a lot of Cinderace’s attacks, Armarouge and Ceruledge are strong competitors. To get either of them, you will have to evolve Charcadet using Auspicious Armor or Malicious Armor respectively. Charcadet is a fairly rare Pokemon, but I had good luck finding one in a hole in the West Province (the first region) that I’ve located on the map below:

Screenshot of

Charcadet is a rare spawn around the expanses of Paldea, but it seems to reliably appear at this spot on the map.
picture: The Pokémon Company / Kotaku

Once you’ve tracked the pre-developed form down, you can obtain any of these items by bringing in 10 parts of Bronzor (carmine) or 10 Sinistea wafers (Violet) to an NPC found by the fountain in the city of Zababico. You can obtain these items by defeating Bronzor/Bronnzong (often found around ruins throughout the southern regions of Paldea) or Sinistea/Polteageist (found more specifically in ruins on the outskirts of Alfornada) in battle, and they will drop them for you as loot. After you bring those to an NPC, they’ll either give you the Auspicious Shield to evolve Charcadet into Armarouge, or the Insidious Shield to evolve it into Ceruledge.

Both Pokémon have the ability Flashfire, which makes them completely immune to fire attacks. It comes with the added bonus of increasing the power of their fire attacks, but even with the fighting terra type, Cinderace is not a Pokemon to use fire type moves. Instead, you’ll want to take advantage of their psychic abilities. In this case, Armarouge is a bit better, as it’s a natural/psychic fire type, and has access to more psychic attacks like Expanding Force and Psychic. Armarouge already has exceptional special attack stats, but using Psychic Terrain or a Calm Mind or two will really push her power to a new level.

Ceruledge may not have psychic typing, but she is completely immune to both Cinderace’s fire attacks, and Terra’s combat type thanks to Flash Fire and her fire/ghost typing. It also has the Psycho Cut, which will weaken Cinderace’s Terra-type and become more solid in his physical build. Use Swords Dance at least once, and you’ll see that they do some great damage.

Keep in mind Armarouge and Ceruledge as well exclusively for Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet respectively, So if you want one or the other, you may need to trade with a friend before raiding.

Reminder: You can only capture one Cinderella

Some of these strategies and tips may change once Cinderace becomes active and we get an idea of ​​his moveset, but based on what we know now, these are good places to start before the tera raid launches next weekend. Just like Charizard Raid, you’ll only be able to capture one Cinderace per save file, but you’ll be able to breed even more by putting her and Ditto on a picnic together. Then you’ll be free to raise baby Scorbunnies and hunt geeks to your heart’s content.

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