Report: Diablo IV Devs Say June Release Date Will Induce More Crisis

The necromancer carries a glowing skeleton to impress some developers to work late.

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RPG action loot Diablo IV Receive glowing reviews .this week It is expected to appear in the 2022 edition of Game Awards Thursday night. But some game developers say to Washington Post This production may not finish in time for its planned June 2023 release date unless it is resolved in the coming months.

according to New investigation by Washington Postwhich includes interviews with 15 current and former Blizzard developers, Diablo IVIt was a rocky development. It featured plenty of canceled work, contentious decisions, and extended overtime, even amid the company’s promises to become a “model” workplace in the gaming industry as Activision Blizzard fights a 2021 California lawsuit alleging Prevalence of sexual harassment and discrimination.

“We’re at the point where they don’t want to delay the game anymore,” said one of the developers. “So we all have to move forward and see how much we’re willing to hurt ourselves to make sure the game is released in a good enough state.”

Blizzard did not immediately respond to a request for comment my city. said spokesman Andrew Reynolds Washington Post The following is in response to her investigation:

You know, game development in general and “Diablo IVSpecifically, it follows an iterative process as the range evolves over time. Production in the game is going very well. Overtime is voluntary and limited to specific teams. We regularly poll the team on their professional well-being, and the latest results are the most positive in years.

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While overtime is not mandatory, Washington Post Reports indicate that Blizzard is using company stock bonuses and $25 DoorDash gift cards to encourage employees to work longer to get the game done. As is common during times of crisis, some developers say the extra work will continue to take a toll on their health and personal relationships.

Diablo IVIts development has become closely intertwined with a larger workplace in the gaming industry reckoning over the past year. As I first mentioned before my cityand former director Luis Pareja and lead designer Jesse McCree were fired in August 2021. While Blizzard did not give a reason for this, McCree was one of the developers pictured at the so-called BlizzCon 2013″Cosby Suitewith the former World of Warcraft Lead developer, Alex Afrasiabi, who was previously fired for misconduct.

The game was officially delayed In November 2021, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick proceeded to blame the company’s stock price drop, not a Wall Street Journal Report His involvement in the Company’s alleged failure to appropriately handle allegations of misconduct.

Then Microsoft swooped in to buy Call of duty maker at a big discount, though the Federal Trade Commission is now struggling to prevent the merger. Meanwhile, QA developers are on Diablo IV At Blizzard Albany Only trade unionistsHe will now start haggling over things like wages, benefits and overtime rules as part of a larger labor organizing movement at the company.

Diablo IV is an especially important game for fans who have been looking forward to the latest game in the series ever since Expansions for Diablo III He started to calm down. Some developers Washington Post I spoke with She was skeptical about whether the developer could set a final planned release date of June 2023, but they were also skeptical that management would be willing to push it back yet again. Activision Blizzard’s sale to Microsoft is expected to close in the same month.

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