5 Unconventional Holiday Movies Gamers Will Love

Bruce Willis runs with a gun in Die Hard.

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I report myself as a ruthless (if more modern and pretty-than-average) curmudgeon: a snob of holiday spirit. Because of a mixture of unresolved anxiety and aversion to the joy of others—I no longer see this as a personal flaw, but as God’s design—the holidays are the most hated time of the year. However, I wouldn’t miss a warm Christmas show You’ve got mail If the situation is dire enough.

Do not hate the holiday movie, but hate the holiday as they say. However, I have limits. I don’t mind not seeing it dwarf Again (although part of me will always want to know what The chocolate drink tasted like spaghetti), and while I’m familiar with sentimental classics like Charlie Brown’s birthday And the Miracle on 34th Street As cinema, they make me feel like I ate chocolate macaroons from dwarf.

To get me in a better mood to deal with it Something more emotionally nuanced and complex than A.J hallmark cardSuch as Batman Origins “Arkham. Funky it may be, but it’s also the best holiday movie. Although many people gravitate towards old (or more recently,) saccharine favorites, Die hard), there are a lot of unusual things Eid movies love. Here are five I’d recommend for gamers, or anyone tired of their holiday routine, check it out.

frost (1998)

Just to be clear, the fact that I’m recommending a movie doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “good.” At least not in the traditional sense.

for example frostA movie in which Michael Keaton turns into a snowman. This isn’t a “good” movie, but it will challenge your grip on reality, especially if you choose to be under the influence of eggnog this holiday. The plot is simple enough: Keaton turns into a snowman, finally learns to bond with his son despite him now being made of snow, and is forced to face the reality of the melting. Its core values ​​would mark it as a more typical, zany holiday movie whose plot didn’t have Michael Keaton turning into a pile of snow, making it instead a funny ensemble watch. It may still heart attack, if it is used Fleetwood Mac song “Landslide” It ends up hitting you the right way after you’ve had all that eggnog.

Upon reading this movie to remind myself of the plot before writing about it, I was surprised to discover that it’s not a horror movie, because it scared the shit out of me as a kid. But I am happy to report that There is actually a slasher movie With the same name and a very similar (snowman) premise from 1997, if that’s your speed. I don’t know if he uses “Landslide” or not.

For my fans: Bumble-itch games, out-of-body experiences, high on lifeAnd the Untitled goose gameAnd the Goat simulator

More if you like it: Gremlins (1984), Gingerdead Man (2005), Krampus (2015)

Better watch out (2016)

Better watch out, on the other hand, is a terrifying holiday. Much like My Life, it features a protagonist named Ashley. unlike my life, Better watch outAshley (Olivia DeJonge) stumbles upon babysitting Luke (Levi Miller), a 12-year-old who turns out to be evil in more ways than his usual middle school peers.

But the children’s deadly antics are punctuated by plenty of Christmas absurdities – people tied up in string lights, holiday sweaters to warm the spoiled kids in the movie, garlands on staircases that make the shimmering, sleepy suburbs look hideous amid all of Luke’s bad behavior. It’s a little Home Alone And a little ScreamRefreshing and fun.

For my fans: survival horror, comedy horror games, Blair WitchAnd the Popsicle saw

More if you like it: Black Christmas (1974), Silent night, deadly night (1984)

Invasion of the United States of America (1985)

Invasion of the United States of America Do the 80’s action movie, the predatorAnd the blue thunderAnd the first blood The thing, and it makes its three crucial elements a) US government is cool and rugged, b) American men are cool and rugged, and c) bangs.

Unfortunately, unlike Predator, Blue Thunder, And the first bloodAnd the Invasion of the United States of America Never try to lure you in with a conspiracy. The story is stereotypical, Chuck Norris needing to single-handedly stop the Soviets and terrorists, a school bus exploding, etc., and it was panned when it came out – Roger Ebert amusingly called it a “stupid, brain-wracking thriller” in Revised in 1985. But since then, either to find comfort in the simple, careless politics or the undeniable fascination with the good bang, of which there are many in this movie, Invasion of the United States of America Turned into a cult classic, Chuck Norris has gracefully accompanied him through history with a big gun. Yes, he is brain dead. But, as we discussed, you have the eggnog.

For my fans: shooters, entertaining military propaganda, Call of dutyAnd the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

More if you like it: Die hard (1988) (duh), long kiss good night (1996), Anna and the end of the world (2017)

When Harry met Sally (1989)

Despite all my talk of coldness and indifference to the holidays, When Harry met Sally It’s my all-time favorite holiday movie. Even the Grinch’s heart is beatingyou know.

And who am I to deny a movie as perfect, chaotic, and humane as this one? It takes Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) a decade, from college in Chicago to adulthood in New York City, to discover the truth about whether men and women can be “just friends.” In their case, probably not, but they can certainly love hard and long, in bookstores, on the Upper West Side, and under the white lights at a New Year’s Eve party. This one is for stubborn sensitive people.

For my fans: visual novelsslice of life, dating simsAnd the Harvest MoonAnd the Florence

More if you like it: Meet me in St. Louis (1944), Holiday (2006), two brothers (2022)

Green Knight (2021)

In a rare turn of events for a medieval film, Green Knight Very faithful to its source, the anonymous Arthurian legend Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Because of this, it can be a dull watch if you lack some familiarity with the story, and although I could barely do addition and subtraction, I was grateful for the first time in my life that I had learned to read Middle English in college.

But while familiarity helps, you don’t need formal training to see Dev Patel breathe new life into the centuries-old saga as Sir Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table whose arrogance threatens to taint what he wants most – honor.

From Christmas to Christmas, Gawain wanders the green world of fairies, beckoning ghosts, foxes, and temptation on his way to the Green Knight, an enchanted man who will fulfill his destiny, or perhaps just his death. It’s a dark cerebral fantasy, a reason to think about Christmas’ Long and bloody history and how to fit it.

For my fans: role-playing games, medieval games, Sheikh’s ringAnd the Dragon Age: Inquisition

More if you like it: lion in winter (1968), Dragon Slayer (1981) (it doesn’t happen during the holidays, but at least it includes virgins)

Whatever and how you celebrate, I hope these recommendations will be useful to you. Get cozy, grab some gingerbread, and let these holiday movies take you somewhere new this year.

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