Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion reviews call it a worthwhile remaster

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion It will be released in a few days, providing fans with a remaster of the 2007 PSP prequel version not just to binge them between installments. Remake of FFVII trilogy, but tells the story of Zack Fair, a character who feels like he’ll be more important than ever in the timeline’s altered meta story.

Reviews of the game were very positive, with critics liking the refinishing efforts that were made in both the overhauled visuals and the changes made to the battle system. Several writers have noted a disconnect from the more natural performances of the new voice cast and mostly unchanged script, which has been cited as an example of the worst anime melodrama of the mid-2000s.

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These reviews are for the PlayStation 5 version, which runs in 4K at 60 frames per second. digital spy Playing the Nintendo Switch version in handheld mode, he could report that the game hit its 30fps target, minus a few light frame drops in cut scenes.

The Switch’s visuals run at 720p, and are still solid, with subtle instances of soft edges on models, hair shimmer and pop-up background textures on par with what you’d expect from a system and nowhere near as noticeable as, for example and Pokemon scarlet and violet.

Here’s what the reviewers say Crisis Core: The FFVII Reunion:

The escapist

In terms of game content, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion It is almost identical to the original The essence of the crisis. One difference is that you can instantly retry any battle after dying, which makes the game, and side missions in particular, more lenient. You can also now try to weaken or block enemies’ super attacks before they start. Optional, higher-level enemies can kill you instantly with their super attacks, so creating strategies to prevent this is again exciting and satisfying.”

Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Core Crisis reunion, looking for the oath

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A remake of the 2007 PSP exclusive Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIAnd the The basic crisis of reunion is a faithful retelling of the Zack Fair story with dramatic visual upgrades, full voice acting, and many quality-of-life changes. Considering that the game has already been heralded as a great prequel and one of the best titles on the PSP, it’s no surprise that this version was triumphant in the making. The essence of the crisis In modern times you must play Final Fantasy VII fans.

“Not only The basic crisis of reunion Porting the previously hard-to-find game to several new consoles, allowing a larger audience to experience the title, it transforms the game from feeling like a smaller, portable experience to something that can stand proudly alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake as a worthy companion.”


Unfortunately, not every aspect The core of the crisisThe gameplay has been updated with the same level of success, and the aging game underneath it all can rear its ugly head again outside of combat. There are some relatively open areas that Zack can roam through Midgar and Gaia, but many of the inner and outer passages are often linked by (thankfully) loading screens.

And while the ten chapters of the story are mostly compelling and usually last about an hour each, The core of the crisisThe s mission system still provides additional small sized missions originally designed to be played on the go. Most of them aren’t very big and almost all of them boil down to running through the same small number of lanes, encountering random enemies, and collecting items from a few chests. Playing these games can greatly extend the campaign’s runtime, but I felt compelled to just do some of it.”

Tifa at Core Crisis Final Fantasy VII Reunion in a cowgirl outfit

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Bolt Games

Square Enix has ported the game over to Unreal Engine 4 for the purposes of this remaster, and everything from the character models and environments has been completely redesigned and has greater levels of detail. While it’s clearly not on par with something like Final Fantasy VII Remake (Which wouldn’t be fair to expect what’s still ultimately remastered anyway), it looks consistently sharp and detailed.

The animations are still a bit harsh and look out of a 2007 game (which it is), but the optimizer does an admirable job of fixing the visuals overall. It’s still a decade and a half old, but rather than look like it really did it back then, it looks It’s as I remember The essence of the crisis It looked like I restarted it for the first time back in the day.”


“As for the The essence of the crisis Itself – still going strong! I don’t think it’s quite as effective as it was in 2007 – interestingly, Remake of FFVII It might have a lot to do with that. The new version was deft and witty about how to check fame and prestige FFVII that The essence of the crisis They are totally unstoppable, filled with eye-catching spheres and tendencies that turn you on Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Throughout the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Again, this weird pivot here comes into play, as the game feels a lot like it Remake of FFVII Both serve to unite the two and confirm the differences in equal measure. Whatever you see from Genesis in the hair, everyone and their dog clip around it with one wing, or even on the very nose FFVII Gestures, the game Good.

Zack fighting Sephiroth in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

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The Gamer

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an excellent remaster that elevates the original game in ways I didn’t think possible, but even that couldn’t take away from an experience that even in 2007 was holding itself back to satisfy the platform it called home.

Repetitive combat and clumsy environmental design make this stunning world feel oddly artificial, while its campy dialogue and typical character writing aren’t quite in keeping with the remake it’s working to apply more context to. New audiences deserve to play this game, and I’m so glad they They finally got this chance, but the ultimate fulfillment of desires doesn’t lessen the damage of the inevitable disappointment.”

Push the box

The essence of the crisis It’s always been an incredibly stupid game. Even for a Japanese RPG of the 2000s, even for a Square Enix project led by Nomura, even for Final Fantasy in the most dramatic, The essence of the crisis He really has some shocking writing. small size, small size Parts of the text have been changed ReunionHowever, the issue still remains. The storytelling is often nonsensical, and protagonist Zack is constantly left in the dark by his bosses, who also happen to like talking very hilarious riddles. If you’re not familiar with the original version, you’re in for a treat.

Is the game’s impressive approach to delivery planning part of its charm, though? We tend to say yes. There is he is Something endearing about how stupid he is The essence of the crisis Maybe. It walks a very fine line between actually being rubbish and being so bad that it’s entertaining.”

Cloud and Zack in Final Fantasy VII Core Crisis reunite in the snow

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The next major part of Remake of FFVII triple, Final Fantasy VII Rebirthis scheduled for release either late next year or early 2024. Next year will definitely see a release Final Fantasy XVIwhich got a release date and a new trailer this week.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion It will be released on Tuesday December 13th on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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