Dwayne Johnson DC Pic ‘Black Adam’ for Profit: Here’s How

There is some snoring going on there Black Adam You’re preparing to lose $50M-$100M, which simply isn’t right. Deadline’s funding sources for the movie, which means the people who do it for a living and those close to the movie say this movie has to be even and in the black. Scroll down to see how. With a worldwide gross of $390 million, a production cost of $195 million, and P&A spending between $80 million – $100 million, the Dwayne Johnson DC/New Line movie is looking to net between $52M-$72M.

“Black Adam” action figure, courtesy Deadline

Also not included in this amount is an additional source of cash from Black Adam goods.

All of this, including a B+ CinemaScore, is good enough for Black Adam To be the start of a franchise (read first captain America earning US$370 million (WW).

Black Adam It was Johnson’s biggest single opening in the US with $67 million, which is one of the financial models Warner Bros.’s finance department had in mind when they were strategizing for profits and losses on this film. In a very dry autumn market without any pillars of support due to the post-production crisis created by Covid, Black Adam It was the biggest movie of the season hitting #1 for three consecutive weeks worldwide ahead of Disney/Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda Forever receipt.

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I have read the allegations made Black Adam will lose money. This is wrong,” said producer and financier Joe Singer who deals heavily in slate motion picture financing, “The picture might be considered a disappointment given Dwayne Johnson’s presence in the DC movie. However, the picture will pass the break-even point and lose a little profit.”

“Hobbs and Shaw”

Universal Pictures

I was Black Adam size Hobbes and Shaw, which grossed $84 million after all the supplements? No, but you have to remember that the The Fast and the Furious Spinov owned Russia, and he didn’t face the headwinds of a strong dollar abroad. Hobbes and Shaw Also benefited was China where Johnson was big, with the pic making $201 million (note that theatrical rental returns to the US are only about 25%, and there is no home market in the PRC). China has sidelined many US headlines in the wake of Covid. These factors could not have been predicted when Black Adam It was lit green.

However, it works in Black AdamIn its favor is Universal’s $140 million more budget friendly marketing budget Hobbes and Shaw. How is that? There’s been some massive costs going on at Warner Discovery that’s deeply in debt and going through rounds of layoffs. Black Adam Putting the bulk of her digital marketing spending on my line, Johnson’s social media mega-follower has nearly half a billion followers across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also consider the shorter theatrical windows nowadays in movies which enable the studio to increase marketing dollars. The PVOD of the movie is being shown at a time when PICs in theaters and outdoor advertising still exist. Black Adam on HBO Max on December 16, after a 57-day window, long enough to increase the theatrical exposure, PVOD, and dollar sales. Net profit swing factor here Black Adam: Warners asserts that it spent $80 million on worldwide earnings and revenue, which would come to a surplus of $72 million, while the struggling $100 million from other sources results in a profit of $52 million.

It is my understanding that Johnson’s deal was not as aggressive as his previous deals (read red notice). He’s got a $20 million upfront fee, and he’s able to turn a profit according to our numbers which is at zero cash breakeven. There’s a 40% profit pool shared by director Jaume Collet-Serra and pic producers Beau Flynn and Seven Bucks talent and Johnson, the biggest participant with more than 10%. That comes from a net worth of $52 million. This joint gathering comes into effect after the studio crashes. no one in Black Adam We got the first dollar total in our understanding.

The $195 million production cost includes studio interest fees which are at a low corporate rate of 2%. The remaining costs and home entertainment are funneled into the film’s $338 million total costs. The fee paid by Warner Bros. to send the picture to HBO Max is included in the $86 million home entertainment revenue. At that gross level, local pay TV, which is PVOD, generates $36 million.

Adds Singer: “Sequels and franchises are the lifeblood of our business, they have a low risk profile and they generally increase. The fact that there are discussions about a Black Adams The sequel is how the studio builds sustainable value over the long term.”

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