The Rock’s Black Adam Box desk damage control is awkward

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a few days later reported variety that Dwayne Johnson-Drove Black Adam He looked like he was going to Failed to return much profit-if any-Limit He came out with a piece stating that the Variety article is wrong, in fact, and Black Adam is fine in office box. The star himself entered as well.

I waited to confirm with funders before I shared this thumbs up # Black Adam News – Our movie will gross between $52 million and $72 million. Reality,” tweeted the star. “At nearly $400 million worldwide, we’re building our new franchise step by step (the first Captain America grossed $370 million) for the future of DC.”

He then linked to the aforementioned Deadline article, which cites “Film funding sources, i.e. the people who do it for for a living and those close to the film ”, a very Weird way to frame those Sources. After doing the math to explain the modest profit the movie will make, the article additionally cites “merchandise” as a form of back-channel profit in an effort to make sure Black AdamPossibility of making money rather than losing it, which is true…but it does affect the horrible box office numbers one bit, and it’s not something worth counting in the conversation at all (also inconvenient conversation’ into factors like reduced ticket sales in theaters, etc.) .

But no matter what’s true, Variety or Deadline reports, let’s really focus on that comparison between the two Black Adam And the Captain America: The First Avenger That both Deadline and Johnson stand out as somewhat vague evidence of this Black AdamThe alleged trickle Profit can guarantee her a sequel. It’s crazy for anyone to look at these two movies – they were released 10 years later – and I assume the millions involved will be a one-to-one comparison. yes, at that time, The first avenger It grossed around $370 million worldwide, on a budget of About $140 million. However, adjusting for inflation, it It made about $490 million in today’s valuation. Plus, Captain America: The First Avenger It wasn’t even the highest-grossing Marvel movie of 2011—ox Beat it by a whopping $450 million, which would be close to $600 million today. So does Johnson say he, a much more powerful star than Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth when they starred in their 2011 Marvel debut, is on the same level?

What could mean here Although Captain America: The First Avenger It only made $370 million, and is still producing two sequels (and counting), each performed better by a wide margin. Captain America: Winter Solidere It made $714 million worldwide in 2014, and Captain America: Civil W.Ar made $1.15 billion in 2016. eg Black Adamthe original text was not the largest A hit, but it got people interested, and Marvel moved on anyway, reaping the rewards. In this case, yes, there is some connective tissue between the membranes. However, while Black Adam It was specifically designed to usher in a new shadow in the DC universe, with an appearance heralding a comeback Henry Cavill as Superman and many references to other characters from the Justice League and Justice Society, fact that It’s not the third movie in the franchise (ex The first avenger was) but eleventh DC Universe movie (excluding offline projects such as Batman and the joker) Its lackluster performance makes it worrying.

If we had to play the box office numbers game Johnson and Deadline are willing to play, the most relevant comparison in terms of Johnson’s career is 2019. The Fast and the Furious Spinoff movie Hobbes and Shaw. This movie, it can be said that it is the ninth installment in The Fast and the Furious The series, starring Johnson as a co-lead, grossed $770 million in theaters, against a production budget of $200 million. Now, this movie has opened up in the international markets Black Adam It did not, and did not face a global pandemic, make valid points in the Deadline article. But that’s still a big difference if we look at this from Johnson’s perspective Pull and force special stars.

Ultimately, Johnson cares deeply about his movie, and you have to honestly respect that. The man takes pride in his work! But maybe bragging that your movie will only be made $50 million on Twitter while linking to a questionable piece (which, oddly enough, removed references to Ability Black Adam Follows No explanation or disclosure – only to make it more embarrassing with a late night report from Hollywood Reporter yesterday about Slate for a future DC movieWhich Emphatically stated A Black Adam The sequel actually appeared very Unlikely, given its poor performance) it looks less flexible and more like damage control. Doesn’t that sound a bit meek for perhaps the most powerful star in all of Hollywood?

Black Adam Available to stream it apple And the Amazon. io9 has reached out to Warner Bros. to comment on Black AdamFinance, and this post will be updated when and if we hear back.

Additional reporting by Germain Lussier.

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