A Year of Terror: The Ten Scariest Scenes in Horror Movies of 2022

Endless things draw us to terror, and fears rank high among them. Fortunately, fear takes many forms. The thrill of a well-choreographed jump scare, a deep chill, or an atmospheric spectacle that instills deep dread all keep us coming back for more – this year’s horror releases delivered on all fronts.

The year 2022 delivered many unforgettable scenes of relentless dread and spine-tingling chills. The scenes that stood out sent chills down our spines and sometimes tested our reflexes.

Here are the ten scariest scenes of the year.

black phone Gwen’s skin

(From left) Terrence Shaw (Jeremy Davis) and Gwen Shaw (Madeleine McGraw) in The Black Phone, directed by Scott Derrickson.

Ethan Hawke’s chilling turn is confirmed as kidnapper and murderer, child kidnapper and murderer, packs Scott Derrickson’s latest work with dread and tension. Protagonist Vinnie Shaw (Mason Thames) deals with multiple interactions with a menacing grabber and a slew of ghosts contribute heavily to the horror premise. But the scene that disturbed audiences the most wasn’t the ghost scare or the grabber, but the flogging of Vinnie’s younger sister Gwen (Madeline McGraw) at the hands of their drunken, abusive father (Jeremy Davies). Dad’s anger is evident, and The verb sound makes it even scarier. The scene proved so emotionally intense that Derrickson was request to cut it before his release.

smiling Entity detection

For much of Parker Finn’s first appearance, the entity that torments Rose (Susie Bacon) assumes the guise of those around her. Only an alert smile really indicates it, often accompanied by a powerful jump. The final act escalates to an unexpected degree when Rose returns to the childhood home where her mother died, inflicting a lifelong trauma on young Rose. There, the entity uses Rose’s mother as an avatar, then grows into a monstrous version over seven feet tall as it haunts her through the house. When Rose has nowhere to run, the entity rips his face off to reveal a fat, bloody nightmare, and Killer smiles upon smiles.

Perfects Student nightmares

Mariama Diallo’s feature film debut introduces Jasmine (Zoe Renee), a college student who is assigned to the dorm room where a former student committed suicide by hanging. The death is linked to the ghostly curse of Marguerite Millet, a woman accused of witchcraft and hung for it. That curse pays off when Jasmine finds herself haunted by Margaret, both in her dreams and in waking life. It builds to sheer panic when Margaret reaches out for her clenched hand from under the bed.

stream of death Mildred attacks

– Deadstream – Photo: Shudder

While most horror comedies embrace humor over horror, Vanessa and Joseph Winter ensure they get just as much attention. Sean’s plan to win back his patrons and viewers means his resolve is constantly tested when paranormal activity increases. He’s relieved to have a mate in Chrissy (Melanie Stone), a cheerleader who turns up after tracking his location. But Chrissie begins to act erratically, and her annoyance with Sean grows until she attacks her. Shawn stabbed her in the neck and then retreated to the safety of his room. It’s when he finally musters up the courage to let Mildred Pratt’s ghost go, confirming what viewers already suspected — that Chrissy is Mildred — while scaring us all away in the process.

Damned Scarecrow dreams

The gothic horror film from writer/director Sean Ellis unleashes a werewolf curse on the ruthless land baron and tycoon responsible for the massacre of a Romani clan that contested their land claims. Seamus Laurent (Alistair Petrie) and his men dismember the clan chief, then erect a scarecrow of him over the grave they used to bury his mother alive. It is intended as a warning to others, but ends up triggering the curse instead when the dreams of the village children are haunted by the Scarecrow. It’s the scariest scene in the entire movie.

No Geordie’s house

Scary scenes, no

Jordan Peele creates an effective fake scare for protagonist OJ Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) when he ventures into his barn at night and discovers a trio of alien pranksters. But this terrifying sequence has nothing to do with fully revealing the tragedy that struck the sitcom Geordie’s house Designation. Ricky “Juppy” Park (Steven Yeun) tells the tale of his co-star chimp catching thanks to a balloon that appeared with the reconfigured lens to a Hollywood thriller, but his flashbacks reveal a more shocking truth. How Peele orchestrates the violence, right down to his blood-dripping fist — along with Terry Notary’s raw motion capture performance as Gordy — cement this moment as memorable.

innocent Ben’s mother

Ben (Sam Ashraf) proves his penchant for horrific cruelty early on in the unnerving thriller Eskil Vogt with its long series of cat tortures and subsequent deaths. It’s the exact kind of callous curiosity and sociopathy that leaves your stomach in knots. Throughout the film, Ben’s path to villainy develops, as does his troubled home life. builds until it finally snaps; His mother was chastising him for laughing at her burning finger, causing him to remotely throw a heavy frying pan on her skull. Her fall causes a pot of boiling water to pour over her entire body, leaving her in agonizing pain on the floor and unable to move. Ben appears to feel remorse for a moment but leaves her to die slowly while ignoring her pleas for help. It’s bone-chilling.

Devil’s Slaves 2: The Company Death elevator

Goku Anwar’s follow-up to Scary Devil’s servants It deepens the mythology, expanding the details behind a demonic pact that sees Renny Suwono (Tara Basseru) and her surviving family members plagued by supernatural events. Not only is the backstory expanded but the body count is. Anwar lynches the playing field while limiting escape routes with an impressive sequence that sees the elusive elevator of an apartment building explode with utmost brutality. Panic builds inside the packed elevator as unsuspecting children collect coins below, unaware that they are in danger of being crushed. Anwar twists the tension tightly, giving reprieve only in the bloodiest of ways when the elevator crashes, bloodily killing those in and under it. This suspense like hell sequence gets even more mileage when its corpses are hired to later terrorize the survivors.

barbaric – “Something bit me.”

The coolest barbarian scenes

Wanting to see the horror for himself, Keith (Bill Skarsgard) rejects Tess’ (Georgina Campbell) pleas to leave his Airbnb after discovering the hidden basement. He receives much more than he bargained for when he ventures further into the dark depths. Tess ignores her fears and heads into the tunnels after hearing his screams. You find him completely terrifying. He barely has enough time to utter “something bite me” in between screams, just as Mother (Matthew Patrick David) comes running out of the darkness to permanently end Keith’s screams.

Sorrow Missing eye

Horror scenes of sadness

Few characters elicit chills and totally alienate like a businessman (Tzu Qiang Wang) in Rob Jabaz’s debut. A wounded businessman becomes obsessed with Kat (Regina Lee) and fellow subway surfer Molly (Ying Ruo Chen) after a violent confrontation on the subway leaves Molly without an eye. Kat manages to get Molly to the hospital, only to find it in complete disarray thanks to the outbreak. Kat flees but inadvertently leaves Molly vulnerable. Enter the businessman again, who decides to infect Molly in the most disgusting way possible using her eye sockets. Jabbaz mercifully keeps the primarily gruesome action off-screen, but Molly’s screams and the aftermath and ramifications all ensure that it’s graphic enough to make us nauseous.

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