It’s official: this is the new Donkervoort F22 supercar with a curb weight of 750 kg

The first sight

Exceptionally light weight, five-cylinder Audi power and plenty of downforce

“The key to everything we do is weight,” explains Dennis Dunkervoort, new Dunkervoort president. “The less weight you carry, the less weight you have to stop, turn and accelerate, the less fuel you use and the more intimate the car will be.”

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait This longing for the fruits of this philosophy. A year after taking over his father’s duties, Donkervoort Jr. introduces his opus to lightweight: the new Donkervoort F22 supercar from the ground up, 750 kg.

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Not just a page of Gordon Murray’s philosophy then, but the entire book. Donkervoort has always proudly and deliberately gone lighter than others in the supercar game, and the first all-new Donkervoort of a generation is no different. It is really new. There is not a single nut or bolt carried over from its predecessor.

At the heart of the car is a tubular steel-and-carbon-fibre hybrid chassis that’s not only exceptionally lightweight, but has 100 percent more torsional stiffness over the car it succeeded, the similarly insectivorous D8 GTO. Such light weight allows the Donkervoort to claim a “quantum leap” in handling and suspension precision. And the g-force, it’s claimed to be 2.15g versus the old infantry…2g.

In fact, “The F22 isn’t just about horsepower or speed,” said Donkervoort. “It’s personal, and it’s about what driving means to its drivers because perspective is everything.” However, it has quite a bit of strength that offers a very unique perspective on how to do it Many The speed that this super car can achieve.

It’s a good car, too: Audi’s 2.5-liter five-cylinder is a very respectable, well-respected five-cylinder. Donkervoort tuned it for more power, torque and low-end drivability, it seems, so the thing pumps out 500 horsepower. “In a machine that weighs 750 kg,” Donkervoort readily reminds us. Yes, you do the math.

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The engine’s bore and stroke remain the same as the Audi configuration, and it operates with a 10.0:1 compression ratio for “a mountain of torque from very low in the rev range”. Amazingly, this five-cylinder iteration emits 28g/km of CO2 less From the same engine in the D8 GTO at just 163g/km.

And it’s flexible enough for the Donkervoort to fit a five-speed manual gearbox, which the company says saves weight and allows the engine to be mounted in the rear. It’s a short-range gearbox, matched to a Torsen limited-slip differential and multi-step traction control that just might be the hardest working member of the entire powertrain.

Because Donkervoort believes the F22 will go from 0-62mph in just 2.5 seconds, to 124mph in 7.5 seconds, and reach a top speed of 180mph. An AP Racing brake system is on board to limit such extravagance: four-piston calipers mounted on steel discs save 10kg “over the outgoing car’s already featherweight system”. Almost as if there is a thread here.

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In fact, the exterior is alluding to the theme of a future Donkervoort product as well. Definitely a Locust-like vibe but with an added menace to its predecessors. Well, basically, not least because it’s so different from everything else. It’s been designing for what appears to be five years, with input from Amco Lennarts, Ford’s head of European design, too (he’s on Donkervoort’s advisory board, FYI).

It’s longer than the D8, and the shape pays homage not only to the old Donkervoort cars—important to its customers, apparently—but also to flight ability and trajectory. The roof is a removable carbon fiber element, the doors open with a butterfly arrangement, there’s room for two people inside and an integrated iPad for infotainment.

Naturally, each car is highly customizable, although they are hardly available – the planned initial offering of 50 cars only sold out after customers saw the Donkervoort feeProduction rose to 75 cars, which means that there are only 25 cars left. Maybe not … wait About if you fancy one.

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