The 22 best movie quotes of 2022

From the action and the philosophical (“What happens then we go…”) to the comical and the situational (“He’s a Libra, and that says a lot!”), these are some of the year’s most memorable lines.

“The universe is much bigger than you can imagine.” “Some things can’t be moved.” “How long will we fight these jackals?” “I am revenge.” “me star! “Don’t be so anxious to be insulted.” “I can erase you from my life with the press of a button.” “No.”

Even as the slate of 2022 films fades into mere memory, awards season is sparkling as Hollywood raises a glass to the screenwriters and stories they told in 2022. Last year’s best films will compete for the relevant writing awards first at the Golden Globes (January 10), Coming back from the scandal-ridden hiatus in the HFPA. This was followed by stiff competition at the Indie Spirit Awards (March 4), the Writers Guild of America Awards (March 5), and the Academy Awards (March 12) among other seasonal accolades.

There are notable contenders in the Oscar race for Best Original Screenplay. Daniels’ “Everything Everywhere at Once,” Todd Field’s “TÁR,” Martin McDonagh’s “The Banshees of Inisherin,” Charlotte Wells’ “Aftersun,” and Steven Spielberg’s biopic “The Fabelmans,” co-starring Tony Kushner, are in Top of page IndieWire Predictions. For Best Adapted Screenplay, IndieWire’s Marcus Jones bets on Samuel D. Hunter’s “The Whale,” Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Living,” Glass Onion: Knives Out of Mystery, Rebecca Linkowitz’s “Sarah Said,” and Rebecca Linkowitz’s “Polly.” “Women talk.”

The best movie quotes of 2022 are a difficult field to judge. For one thing, everything written — everywhere at once — in 2022 is proving astonishingly text-dense. Dialogue is also difficult to assess because of its slippery subjectivity: it is more akin to comparing music than action scenes. Film lines strike audiences in endless ways, angled and influenced by each person’s personal memories. “Because I hit my ass, Susan!” It can mean a lot to fans of Joe Russo, Christopher Marcus, and Stephen McFeely’s “The Gray Man” like “Will you date me for three months and then we’ll reevaluate?” Dedicated to fans of Billy Eichner and Nicholas Stollers who made history with the rom-com “Bros.” Although the elaborate lyric to the last line in Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio”—number one on our list (pass! pass!)—is more universal in its philosophy and impression.

Suffice it to say, we killed some darlings in our picks. Some situational jokes got the ax early on. (Sincere apologies for “Ambulance” and “This Is It cashmere! Plus “Ticket to Heaven” and “Damn that drug!”) Plus each movie was limited to one line for definitive consideration. (Here’s looking at you, “Your parents are up in the middle… Class. “)

Curated by IndieWire staff favorites, with an emphasis on diversity, here are the 22 best movie quotes of 2022.

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