Marvel Studios has more Halloween specials in the works

A werewolf with a large head of hair growled menacingly.

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So, Werewolf by night He wouldn’t be the only monster in the MCU. the Lusty Ghostbusters The film takes its form, while the Astronomy The animated series has a great new trailer and an incredibly stacked voice set. In addition to Guillermo del Toro’s return to action, Charlie Cox continues to speak Daredevil: Born Again, and more. Spoilers, it is!

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Ghostbusters: The Animated Movie

in conversation with detourDirector Jennifer Kluska revealed the animation for Sony Ghostbusters The film will enjoy a unique visual style in order to explore the “bigger and weirder stage” of both the “supernatural” and “ghost storytelling”.

It feels right and appropriate to go back to it Ghostbusters in animated form. Seems like a lot Ghostbusters Fans come from that space, too. And that gives you this bigger, weirder stage to play on. And I think we want to do something new and different, like we always do, but we know there’s a lot going on Ghostbusters Fans who are just waiting to see this franchise animated again.

By design this will be different. I think all the films that Sony makes are very different in style and color, and more and more visually as well. Technology and art drive the medium and we will look for our own approach that will be a very specific link to Ghostbusters Franchise of the Paranormal World and Ghost Storytelling.

Untitled Guillermo del Toro project

In addition to new films from David Fincher and Greta Gerwig, Scott Stuber, Head of Global Netflix Film, confirmed: bloomberg Another project run by Guillermo del Toro is now in development in the streamer.

Salem lot

to me One Take the newsGary Dauberman’s new adaptation of Salem lot It takes one hour and fifty-three minutes.

Untitled Marvel Halloween project

According to Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman on Patreon (via Character book), Marvel is now developing “two more Halloween specials based on new characters.”

the magician

Showrunner Lauren Hisrich also confirmed Entertainment Weekly The Wild Hunt – A team of spectrum hunters Glimpses at the end of Season 2 – She will also appear in Season 3 the magician.

I think two things are going to happen now. We created Wild Hunt for Ciri in the middle of Season 2 as she’s thinking, “I don’t quite understand what this is. I don’t understand why they’re in my dreamscape. And then, obviously, at the end, she visits a domain of dark elves and realizes, ‘These people are after me.'” “.

Daredevil: Born Again

when asked before inews if Daredevil: Born Again Planning to adapt Frank Miller’s story of the same title, Charlie Cox replied “I don’t think anyone should read into the name as to what kind of stories we’re going to tell.”

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The series’ official Twitter has released four new character stickers from Tech, Echo, Hunter, and Omega.

Star Trek: Picard

Old Picard Project A caller receives a mysterious message from subspace in a new clip from Season 3.

prefabricated room | Kate Mulgrew’s Ongoing Journey | Paramount +

ARK: The Animated Series

Movie trailer Astronomy The animated series includes the voice talents of Gerard Butler, Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh, Elliot Page, David Tennant, Russell Crowe, Monica Bellucci, Karl Urban, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Tudyk, Jeffrey Wright, and more.

ARK: The Animated Series Season 1 Trailer

Doom Patrol

Finally, the Doom Patrol meets the Scissormen and Mr. 104 in the trailer for the next episode, “Hope Patrol”.

Presentation of Doom Patrol 4×06 “Hope Patrol”

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