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Winter 2022 festivities have begun in Fortnite, players can unlock a new gift every day, but which gifts contain free skins? We have the answers you need.

It’s the most magical time of the year, as the 2022 Winter Festival in Fortnite kicks off. This time you will find Snowdancer, Sled Ready Guff and Cozy Knit Jonesy waiting for you at Cozy Lodge.

In addition to these familiar faces, you will also find a bunch of gifts waiting for you to unlock. You can only pick one each day, so it’s important to know what’s inside each – and where the free skins are!

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Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Winterfest 2022 giveaways, including how to access them and where the best freebies are hidden.


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How to unlock gifts in Fortnite Winterfest 2022

If you are ready to unlock some gifts in Fortnite, you will need to be in the main lobby screen and scroll through Snowflake tab. Select “Visit Lodge” and select the show you want to unlock.

A new gift to unlock will be available every day for the next 14 days, but don’t worry if you miss a day or two as you can catch up on any unopened gifts until the event ends on January 3, 2022.

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You will be able to open a new gift every day at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM GMT.

What’s inside all of Fortnite Winterfest 2022?

Below, you’ll find all the free rewards on offer at Winterfest 2022, as well as the gifts you need to unlock to get them:

Remember that you will be able to unlock all of these rewards eventually, so if you don’t get the reward you want today, just come back tomorrow to try again.

If you’d prefer a visual guide to Winterfest 2022 offers and rewards, we’ve also featured them all in the Cozy Lodge screenshots below.

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Shows what's inside Fortnite Winterfest 2022epic games
Shows what's inside Fortnite Winterfest 2022epic games

The final gift is kept by Sled Ready Guff in the center of the Cozy Lodge and becomes available once all other gifts have been unlocked.

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How to get free Arctic Adeline & Sled Ready Guff skins in Fortnite

There are two free skins hidden inside this year’s Winterfest: Arctic Adeline and Sled Ready Guff. As you might have guessed, they are also the hardest rewards to get.

Free skins offered at Winterfest 2022epic games

You can unlock Arctic Adeline’s skin by unlocking all the other gifts that block her way on the left side of the Cozy Lodge. This means that you will not be able to get this skin until the 8th day of Winterfest 2022.

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If you want a Sled Ready Guff, you’ll need to wait for the present to leave in the middle of the Cozy Lodge, which will likely happen after all the other gifts on offer have been unlocked.

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