Top Gear: Just First Gear movie review

Movie: Top Gear
Evaluation: 2/5

Signboard: Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions
Throw: Adi Sai Kumar, Rhea Soman, Brahmaji, Chatru, Ravi Prakash, Mayim Gopi, and others
Musical: Harshavardhan Rameswar
Director of Photography: Sai Sriram
editor: Shrimp goat
art: Ramanganiolo
Producer: KV Sridhar Reddy
Written and directed by: Shashi Kanth
release date: December 30, 2022

Aadi Saikumar brings multiple films to theaters every year. Top Gear is his latest movie to hit theaters.

Let’s find out its advantages and disadvantages.

a story:

Arjun (Adi Saikumar), a taxi driver, recently tied the knot with Aadhya (Riya Soman).

One day on his way to work, he unexpectedly finds himself involved in a drug cartel. Two drug dealers who rented his car get into a gunfight inside, which sets off a chain of events.

The drug dealer’s boss (Mime Gopi) threatens to kill Aadhya if Arjun does not find the bag which they dropped off and hand over to him. Meanwhile, Arjun’s taxi is being watched by the police while he is searching for the bag.

Artist Shows:

Recently, Adi Sai Kumar’s roles have become more rooted. He is convincing in part. There is not much room for Rhea Soman to shine.

Mime Gopi plays the villainous role in impressive fashion. Chatro does a respectable job portraying a police officer.

Technical excellence:

Cinematography is a feature of the film. Majority of the action takes place in a taxi racing through the streets of Hyderabad.

The night panorama of Cyberabad was captured beautifully by the cinematographer. The score is good and there is only one song. Editing could have been more subtle.

starting part

The second half continues
Non-sweeping narrative


A protagonist who unintentionally gets involved with a drug cartel is nothing new. In addition, films in which a missing item serves as a regular staple plot point in Telugu cinema. Therefore, there is not much to be surprised by the basic plot of “Top Gear”.

However, this action thriller manages to enchant audiences with its enticing starting parts.

To its credit, the movie is not concerned with the story or the romantic angle of the main character. The drug dealers (Brahmaji and Satyam Rajesh) and their motives are explored, as are the motives of the police officers and the lead don, who is also interestingly portrayed in the film.

But it is not very interesting to see how these different characters interact and plot deceptions against each other.

The movie loses momentum quickly. When it has to be at full speed, the film stretches and loses steam, which reduces its effect.

The best parts of this mediocre thriller are the cinematography and decent grip in the middle.

In general, “Top Gear” is not an entertaining thriller. The story does not go by leaps and bounds but it works like an L-board engine in first gear.

minimum: do not sweep

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