Steam loves the dwarf castle so much that it confuses the locals

A press shot of the terrifyingly complex dungeons of the Dwarf Fortress.

screenshot: Gulf 12 Games

Dwarf castleThe massive graphical overhaul, and its accompanying Steam release, saw the 16-year-old game receive its hit Triumphant reviews. offline sports 4,634 “very positive” reviews On Steam, people are thrilled. But there is one dubious person. After posting to roguelike discussions on Steam, they asked, “Were all these people… waiting for a chance to pay $30?” More than 1,000 people answered, “Yes.”

since 2006, Dwarf castle Offer a more in-depth simulation of dwarven life, for real a fraudLike It now features NPCs with vivid personalities, complex combat, civilization simulation, and a dynamic weather model as complex as Mother Nature herself. Ruthlessly cruel, and designed to see you fail in the end, its complexity demands an encyclopedia to convey.

Under “Watching the number of comments,” an EternalNooblet determined that something was suspiciously wrong about the sudden popularity of this newly released Steam game.

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Continuing from the title, they said, “And tell me how rational a 10/10 game of the century can be published on day one.” Noting that the number of revisions was rising incredibly fast, they added, “20 minutes ago it was 1,700, now it’s 1,900.” Then the author of the post asked the question of ages:

Have all these people been playing DF for free for 25 years and just waiting for a chance to pay $30?

Frank McFuzz’s Steam account answered “Yes.” “Yes,” Ginkel continued. “Yes,” was the answer from Ferien auf dem Innenhof. dneb2000 meanwhile replied “yes”.

EternalNooblet is not deferred. “Actually in the time since the thread was posted, the number has gone from 1900 to 2000.”

However, the right ones kept coming. and coming. and coming. At the time of writing, the conversation is eighty-four pages long, with 15 responses per page.

Page of people say

I’ll take what it’s hers.
screenshot: Valve / Kotaku

Dwarf castle, in development since 2002, was first made available to the public in 2006. At that point, the ASCII-provided game was free to download, though donations from anyone who might enjoy it were welcome. This remained the case until yesterday.

earlier this year, my city I alerted readers that the sister team behind the game could actually get some cashAfter the sudden drop in donations. Wonderfully, my city Readers rallied, and we heard they saw leaked A spike in donations from our premium audience, keeping the couple safe from spiraling medical bills until this month’s release.

What poor EternalNooblet fails to recognize is how much love there is for him Dwarf castleBrothers Tarn and Zack Adams. This more massive and complex RPG has been the model for a generation of followers, not least Remorld And the Maine Craft. However, the lack of graphical fidelity, and tough tungsten nail biting difficulty, likely kept it from receiving universal acclaim for the ensuing franchises. None of that has stopped a huge community growing around the amazingly sophisticated and complex dungeon explorer, which is now happy to throw cash at the creators of this all-new release.

Since I started writing this post, that number of positive reviews has reached 4,727. There must be something! Do people really like this game so much?!






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