2022 was the year of the franchise’s decline

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From start to finish, 2022 felt like a strange year, with almost everything taken for granted in one form or another being tested for stability. Southwest Airlines Being currently in the middle of a massive travel nightmare seems like a pretty apt comparison; Everyone is the same Confused or upset (or, well, Both), and there is a general sense of loss as we are all trying to process what happened this year. That collective desire we all have year end It is more than exhausting Excitement about what 2023 can achieve.

For the entertainment industry, things have been particularly eventful, especially during the last quarter of the year. between endless offers canceledAnd the Subsequent mergers and layoffsThere was enough to fill the prestige limited series for three seasons. And in their own way, each of these subjects was associated with privileges: be it Beginning attempts (or sure endSome popular support columns, or discussions of how to do this specific works They can operate in their mother chain mechanism, we all have privileges in the brain. We just don’t have it Endless digital ink poured over what we want some perks To go forward – we too endlessly he wondered If the persons concerned You know what they do With the listed characteristics, and what so mean to obtain privilege He is privilege in the first place. Try as you might, you can’t really get away from talking about franchises, series, sagas, and the like.

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Perhaps that was inevitable. After a 2020 that saw a lot of the industry stymied by the pandemic, 2021 was very much about studios playing chicken with release dates in case another outbreak of infection strikes. It led to production delays or audiences waiting for a film to reach VOD. If 2021 Spider-Man: No way home It was a soft step back in franchise waters, and then 2022 was like being tossed in the pond from a high diving board: Disney came to swing with Lots of Marvel And the star Wars, but also symbol picture And some surprisingly strong returns for the old series across victim And the willow. People who have the franchise themselves, like Tom Cruise and Jordan Peele, have reminded audiences why they are so likable, respectively. Top Gun: Maverick And the No. New installments from Universal a partner And the despicable me The franchises have become high earners, perhaps even critical acclaim. Mobile Suit Gundam Brought a whole new audience thanks The Witch of Mercury and serial like Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And the Owl house You’ve had (or will soon have) some victorious recent batons.

But it wasn’t all sunny and rainbows, right? Beyond the anarchic way studios use it dealing with it Some perks or how certain premiums were at best mixed or straight bad, the public has lost more faith in the pillars of support and brands that have become so much a part of our lives (and in some cases, people’s entire identities). There has been a lot of discussion throughout the year of the MCU The fourth stage Pretty much a sense of rudder, or how Andor It fails in the eyes of some by not feeling the other star Wars series like The Mandalorian. Warner Bros. continues. Discovery actively Sets himself on firewhile continuing to make people think about the viability of DC and a certain magical property To move forward into the new year.

Sometimes this shattered faith was caused by the quality of the movie or TV show; Other times, it was because of the people involved. Recall how Dwayne Johnson He tried really hard to let people know he wasn’t upset about it Black Adamcommercial performance and the extent of his efforts Finally exploded in his face. Think Henry Cavill—He doesn’t have Johnson’s cultural cache, but you can’t deny that the magician It made him a more attractive actor in the eyes of many. Whatever happened at Netflix with his sudden exit from this show, it’s pretty clear Something Being there waiting to be unveiled. And the latest version of blood origin Series It doesn’t quite instill faith in the fantasy series’ future prospects without it. Meanwhile, Cavill will In the end it will be finebut that short period where it looked like he would be Superman again Until it was not He did not instill confidence in his career choices.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet may be a big seller, but it's also ripped apart Nintendo's fanbase.

Pokemon scarlet and violet It may be a big seller, but it also tore apart Nintendo’s fanbase.
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Outside of film and television, a similar shift has occurred in the video game space. For some series, eg silent hill And the Cyberpunk 2077 movieAnd the Fans’ faith was renewed, but it ended up highlighting their longtime shortcomings. Pokemon scarlet and violet And the Pokemon Legends: Arceus He’s had fans for a long time Unlike About what the franchise can or should apply for and who is wrong scarlet and violet; launch issues. Square Enix next main line Final Fantasy The installment caught fire when its director gave a pretty terrible response to the game’s lack of diversity, which served as a reminder that just because a franchise is a blockbuster phenomenon, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Gaming usually hangs in its own little world, but when it crosses over into the larger entertainment landscape, you see how the medium is in a similarly bizarre state as developers get (which are sent The players are worried) or try to win back their fortunes afterwards with their own fan bases Bad PR.

The year 2023 seems like yet Another big one Thanks for the privileges spider man in the spider world, Whichever DC movies Warner Bros. decided Her release, and who knows what else. But will it be a turbulent year like 2022? I honestly hope that’s not the case. Although I enjoyed and appreciated the whole new experiences of the year like $$$$ And the barbarian I like to relive a trusted series and let it take me on a journey. It is easy to scoff at this stability, and it is also difficult to part with it. Sometimes, you just want what you know to have an overall consistent output. But this year has been very clear in showing that the same franchises can no longer afford what they have reliably delivered for years on end. They must also be prepared for this Shake things up Or even just ease off the gas pedal to let the new agents take the reins for a while and let their special talents shine.

For better or worse, every prospective year is doomed only to franchisees having most of the oxygen in the room. We hope that the cracks in the armor will not appear as badly as they were in 2022, whether next year or in the years to come.

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