Triangle of Sadness wins Best Film in Europe

Ruben Ostlund’s satirical “Triangle of Sadness” dominated the 35th European Film Awards on Saturday, taking home prizes for best film, director and screenwriter, as well as best actor for Zlatko Burić.

Philip Popper, who produced the film alongside Erich Hemmendorff, said the film embodied Europe’s desire to be a haven for directors’ filmmaking. “Europe is where cinema originated, and it grew up with filmmakers, so all of our industry is built around filmmakers to support and distribute their work,” he said. “Maybe it’s a little different on the other side of the Atlantic, where you have the pipeline first and then you have to find something to put in the pipeline.”

When Östlund took home the Best Director award, he dedicated it to the late actor Charlie Dean, who died in August at the age of 32.

Vicki Krebs won the European Actress Award for her role as Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Corsage. Krebs said, “I want to dedicate this to all the women who need to be seen and heard, who need to free themselves and heal from these deep, deep wounds that we’ve carried for generations, and that we need to heal so that men can be together and women can come together again.”

Mariopolis 2 won the Documentary Award, which was given to the daughter of its director, Mantas Kvidaravicius, who was murdered in Ukraine. It proved to be the most exciting moment of the evening. He lost his life in a kind of altruism that most of us can never hope to accomplish–delivering medicine to people. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life.”

The most awkward moment of the night came when Best Comedy was awarded to “The Good Boss” starring Javier Bardem. “Thank you for this award,” said producer Jaume Roures, clearly not amused, even though “The Good Boss” is a drama, not a comedy. Director Fernando León de Aranoa reinforced the point, saying, “You’ve probably given the European Comedy Award to the most serious person in the room.”

The awards, which took place at the Harpa Concert Hall in the Icelandic capital Reykjavík, were voted on by 4,400 members of the European Film Academy.

Honorees include directors Marco Bellocchio, winner of the European Innovative Storytelling Award, Elia Suleiman, European Achievement in World Cinema Award winner, and Margarete von Trotta, winner of the European Lifetime Achievement Award.

Icelandic actor, screenwriter and politician Elmur Christiansdottir and Icelandic artist, author and comedian Höglikur Dajsson were masters at the party, which was attended by some 1,200 guests.

Presenters during the evening included Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Bulgarian actor Maria Bakalova (“Borat suffixed by Moviefilm”), Italian actor Lorenzo Zurzulu (“EO”), Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur, German actor Nina Huss, and French-Algerian actor Daly Ben Saleh. and German actor Albrecht Schöch.

Among the cast appointed to the event are Zlatko Boric (“Triangle of Sorrow”), Elliot Crosette-Hoff (“Goodland”), Aiden Dambrin (“Close”), Pierfrancesco Favino (“Nostalgia”), Meltim Captan (“Spring of Kurnaz v. George” W. Bush”) and Lea Seydoux (“Beautiful Morning”).

Nominated directors in attendance include Ali Abbasi (“The Holy Spider”), Lucas Dont (“Close”), Alice Diop (“Saint” (“E.O”).

The Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, INNI Music Ensemble, and Icelandic Electronic Music Ensemble GusGus were the live performances of the evening.

See the full list of winners and nominees below, with a live update.

The winners of the 35th European Film Awards 2022

European movie
“Holy Spider”
“triangle of sadness” – winner

European documentary
“A house made of shrapnel”
“gang girl”
Mariopolis 2 – winner
balcony movie
“March of Rome”

European director
Lukas Dhont for “Close”
Mary Kreutzer, “Corsage”
Jerzy Skolimowski for “EO”
Ali Abbasi for “Holy Spider”
Alice Diop for “Saint Omer”
Ruben Ostlund for “Triangle of Sorrow” – WINNER

European actress
Vicky Krebs in “Corsage”
– winner
Zaar Amir Ebrahimi in the movie “Holy Spider”
Lea Seydoux in “One Fine Morning”
Penelope Cruz in “Parallel Mothers”
Meltem Kaptan “Rabiye Kurnaz Vs. George W. Bush”

European representative
Paul Mescal in “Aftersun”
Aiden Dumbrin in “Close”
Elliott Crosette Huff in “Godland”
Pierfrancesco Favino in “Nostalgia”
Zlatko Buric in “The Triangle of Grief” – winner

European screenwriter
Carla Simone and Arnau Vilaro for “Alcarràs”
Kenneth Branagh for “Belfast”
Lukas Dhont & Angelo Tijssens for “Close”
Ali Abbasi & Afshin Kamran Bahrami for “Holy Spider”
Robin Ostlund, “Triangle of Sadness” – winner

European Discovery – Prix FIPRESCI
“107 mothers”
“Love According to Dalva”
“other people”
“small body” – winner

European comedy
“secret cop”
“The Good Boss” – winner

European animated feature film
“Little Nicholas – happy as can be”
“My Love Affair With Marriage”
“Neighbours, Neighbors”
“No dogs or Italians allowed” – winner

European short film
“Grandma’s Sex Life” – WINNER
“ice merchants”
“Love Dad”
“Techno, mama”
“Will my parents come to see me?”

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