Richarlison miraculously makes it to the World Cup Finals by scoring a goal in Brazil’s victory


LUCILLE, Qatar – Just as you sit there and begin to wonder if the idea of ​​Brazil transcends reality, if the anticipation of beautiful football often fades on sight, Brazilians may remind you that they are always capable of something that makes your eyes pop out of your head.

That’s what happened on Thursday night, when a fledgling World Cup goal for Lucille was the same thing after two turbulent days of the ages. Where Saudi Arabia was against Argentina on Tuesday, the match now came at the 73rd minute in Brazil over Serbia. Brazil’s opening victory cemented it 2-0. It came from Richarlison, a 25-year-old who has been doing a lot of scoring lately. It made people gasp and possibly shriek involuntarily.

It made a pitch noise that carried an unmistakable sound of admiration and sustained itself longer than most such noises do. It sent longtime Brazil coach Tite into a cuddly frenzy when he rose to hug his team, saying later, “Sometimes feelings can’t be explained.” And the post-game meetings gave the kind of buzz one can’t get from the non-alcoholic beers they serve at these stadiums here.

“I think it was a beautiful goal,” Richarlison said of his bike swirling from the center of the box. He mentioned previous goals and similar goals with Fluminense in Brazil and Everton in England and said: “Today I had the opportunity to create an acrobatic goal which was very nice, I think it is one of the most beautiful goals in my career. It was a very difficult game for us, so I think it was one of the best goals I have ever had.” ever recorded.”

He’s scored 88 goals in club play, 19 in international play and two of those 19 were on Thursday night, so there’s a host of goals to assess. “As our teacher, Titi, says, ‘You smell the goal,’” Richarlison said. “And that’s what happens.” It brought a bonus to those who drove to the stadium in anticipation of the beauty as clean new subway cars and shiny new subway stations filled with old and reliable electric yellow.

What they certainly saw and assessed on the way back home in Portuguese and a host of other languages ​​succeeded in obscuring something hard to obscure. Neymar, Brazil’s most famous figure, 30 at present and resident of Paris, suffered an ankle injury in the second half, played 11 more minutes before his coach realized it, earned his coach’s praise for his pain tolerance and became the subject of the team doctor’s appearance at the press conference, which he said It’s too early to talk too much.

“We are confident that Neymar will continue to play,” said Tite. “He will continue to play in the World Cup.” If that’s the case, he could help guide Brazil’s bid for their first World Cup title in 20 years, as well as follow Pele’s Brazil goalscoring record at 77, with Neymar at 75. If not, well, other stars are out there. With electric skill in yellow, both goals on Thursday went for merry-go-rounds through Vinicius Jr. to Richarlison.

It happened in the 62nd minute, when Vinicius Jr., the 22-year-old prodigy of energy, accuracy and employment at Real Madrid, intercepted a ball that Neymar had lost on the left edge of the penalty area and suddenly smashed it into the net. , as goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic stretched out to save her before Richarlison stomped her easily.

That made it 1-0, and it wasn’t what people would load into memory banks.

That memorable one came after 11 minutes, and was pinned down by Vinicius Junior’s set-up again. He operated from the left flank of course, this time slipping a sighting ball through a narrow lane of human obstruction. She found her way to Richarlison in the middle of the box, then came to Whoa.

Richarlison sent it in with his left foot and slammed it into the air. Then he spun around, turned his body around and rode his bike with his right foot. Perhaps it wasn’t even an inch above Serbian defender Milos Veljković’s left shoulder that Richarlison’s flying and batting boot nearly sent Veljković’s head off. She kept her whooping line and sprinted just inside the left post, Milinkovic-Savic being as helpless in his late position as any of Earth’s eight billion people could have been. For the second time in a short while, the entire Brazilian team crowded into the corner for wild celebration.

“It goes up,” Tite said of the ball, “and he rescheduled all his plan,” and what a skillful rescheduling plan.

Brazil finally appeared in the 22nd Men’s World Cup, the 22nd tournament that Brazil has qualified for. You have become the last of the VIPs to start this World Cup from the individual spots on the calendar. Her fans arrived from all over the world, times galore, with a loud voice serenading them in the usual can’t wait flow. As a few red and blue Serbs mixed in, they emptied toward Lucille Stadium, the futuristic structure that at night kind of looks like a lighted soap dish.

They saw Brazil, the kind of tournament favourite, run around some with a more capable Serbia through the first half without much impressing. Tite, 61, who has managed Brazil since 2016, said: “During the break, I needed to tell my players to calm down, because first we need to get [lightness] We need to pass the ball.”

He said, “We need to get the adrenaline down.”

They made positioning adjustments, and assistant Kleber Xavier quickly said, “We kept expanding the pace, expanding the movements and creating chances,” and then creating a stunner.

Group G had left the starting gate, and the Brazilians tied the Swiss with three points, and Richarlison announced a “wonderful night” with a “beautiful victory” until “we now have six more matches to reach our goal,” but first he will check that Neymar will return to the hotel. Serbia, who won their qualifying group, “were always very pressuring” in the match, Tite said, “so it took a lot from us.” It all made a tentative start towards Brazil’s bid to raise their record total of five World Cup titles to six, and stated in one fell swoop that Brazil’s reality sometimes amounts to an idea.

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