Martin Short and Steve Martin’s SNL was a Christmas present from start to finish

This is the season of magic, then Lorne Michaels He gifted us with double pleasure Steve Martin And the Martin Short, the two best people in town. Resplendent in a purple bodysuit and rubber shorts for Martin’s straight man, Martin began to celebrate the number of times they hosted. A collection of photos reminded us of Martin’s 16 greatest (!) songs. Short’s trip down memory lane came to an improbable halt at three o’clock. One likes to imagine they shared a cab from a group Only murders in the building Down to Rockefeller Plaza for the party. Then you walked side by side on Broadway eating folded slices of pizza before calling it a night. How bad can the world really be when these two friends are still making each other laugh?


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Their monologue was a five star roast. Why are you waiting for a memorial service for your best friend? Do it on his face! They wanted sad music from the band, it wasn’t just about sad music. The occasion was called the “Donate Now to Abused Shelter Animals” music. So, with a sad puppy as a backdrop, they bid farewells. This round goes to shorts, which are seared rather than roasted. “Steve, you cute, overestimated white-haired son of a bitch, where are you going? I know Steve looks down on us now because he always looked down on everyone.” And then, “Seeing you in that coffin reminds me of that classic SNL Sketch, rooster in a box.” Hmm Only killing Co-star Selena Gomezthe great surprise of that sweet tomb of the show, broke the stage to get the boys back on track.

How magical is the chemistry of these guys? How deeply do we love their lasting cultural imprint? They’ve saved their best sketch of the past – A.J father of the bride sequel. Three decades and seven divorces later, young, post-menopausal Annie is walking down the aisle again. Chloe FinemanWonderfully disturbed Diane Keaton. Frank is ecstatically incomprehensible to Martin. Buen Yang He rolls his eyes at BD Wong Function. Gomez, at a cost of $1.8 million to sing at the wedding. Best of all, a surprise visit from a wide-eyed little brother Kieran Culkinwho, as a child actor, once sat at a family dinner table kinder than Roy’s.


This content may also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

The tiny heart has grown by three sizes in one ring. In elf boots on his knees as Martin’s assistant to Mole Santa, Short had everyone’s demands. How dare a kid ask for Beatz headphones because he already lost the Air Pods Santa brought him the year before. Financial asking for Taylor Swiftt tickets caused him to have convulsions. Since this is 2022, and one is still bracing for disaster, there was just something terrifying about watching Short briefly grab his chest. “I almost had a heart attack,” he gasped to Martin, and he seemed a little freaked out for a horrible second…

Rejoice! The man dances. And black leather pants and a bright shirt are no less. In the sketch How to Handle Your Man with Minky Carmichael, Short played a talk show host who has a taste for Arsenio Hall jackets and a playful disdain for women. His signature dance was part Ed Grimley twirling his toes and part slapping his people as if urging his horse to turn. Cecily Strong, a former disliker of Carmichael in the audience, gave said pony a devastating review. “His penis looks like an espresso cup,” she said. “Hollow like a piece of penny.” The writer’s room should get an Emmy for that bit of dialogue alone.

Special shout out to the props department, who are particularly talented at graphics calling for fountains of fake blood to flow. as such Christmas carolShort’s Ebenezer Scrooge awakens from his iconic dream feeling compassionate and elated. See what good generosity makes for a man. Flick a gold coin on Sarah ShermanLittle orphan child and took out her eye. Another coin tossed took out Tiny Tim’s crutch and tossed it into a slot. Head popped. Ice stabs a man’s heart. As the snow was turning red, Martin’s ghost argued that his disappearance absolved him of any guilt.

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