14 Movies Quentin Tarantino Doesn’t Like, From ‘Stripes’ to ‘Halloween II’

The famous and controversial director does not mince words when it comes to his cinematic opinions. These are the titles Tarantino doesn’t like.

Movies you don't like Quentin Tarantino

(Clockwise from bottom left): “Halloween II,” “Tenet,” Quentin Tarantino for the Howard Stern Show, “Matrix Revolutions,” “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”

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Love him or hate him, what Quentin Tarantino has achieved in over 30 years of filmmaking is undeniably impressive. Not only is the “Reservoir Dogs” writer/director an acclaimed author—three-time Best Director Oscar nominee with two Best Original Screenplay wins for “Pulp Fiction” and “Django Unchained”—Tarantino is also a seasoned film critic whose encyclopedic knowledge of other artists’ films precedes him.

Famously living in Los Angeles, the “Reservoir Dogs” director began his journey to movie rock star status as a clerk at the Video Archives rental store in Manhattan Beach: since closing, it’s been rebuilt in Tarantino’s basement, turned into a podcast hosted by longtime friend and collaborator Roger Avary. Tarantino was in a bygone era of rewindable tapes he cut his critical teeth: combing the store’s collection filled with everything from black-and-white classics to straight-to-TV sci-fi shows.

A famous borrower (or a taker, depending on your point of view), Tarantino pulls freely from the films he loves to inspire his work; See Blaxploitation tropes in “Jackie Brown” and samurai channeled tropes in “Kill Bill” duology. Writer/director preferences are well documented for this reason. IndieWire has previously compiled dozens of go-to filmmaker recommendations, from John Carpenter’s “The Thing” to Brian De Palma’s “Blowout.”

Although he’s shared a few of them, the films Tarantino doesn’t like have also intrigued the public. Over the years, the filmmaker has criticized a wide range of esteemed rival directors, including John Ford (Tarantino has called Westerns “overindulgence”) and Stanley Kubrick (who Tarantino has said is a “hypocrite” for his stance on depictions of violence). Tarantino tends to talk about film history and trends in general, so it’s not uncommon for him to name certain titles that he didn’t enjoy. But when he does, the author of Cinema Speculation lets it fly.

Compiled from interviews and news stories throughout Tarantino’s career, the following list contains 14 films the writer/director is reported to be doing. Not We recommend: whether it’s because he considers the movies themselves bad or because the circumstances surrounding their release made Tarantino feel bad. Featuring a notable number of sequels—and a couple of peripheral ones that Tarantino didn’t wholesale reject, but just parts that he loved—the following selections are listed in no particular order.

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