Hades II has been announced and I can’t stop screaming bisexual

Last night at The Game Awards, Supergiant Games released the reveal trailer Hades II And she’s about to become my whole person.

Hades IIThe main character is Melinoë, princess of the underworld. Described in the official FAQ as “an immortal witch and sorceress with powerful magical abilities and deadly skill with a variety of arcane weapons and a score to settle.” In Greek mythology, Melino is an immortal/underworld creature who is seen as bringing nightmares and madness. She has connections to Persephone and the witch-goddess Hecate and Phoris. Like Zagreus in mythology, she’s considered the daughter of Persephone and Zeus, but we won’t get into all the gross reasons today.

The FAQ states that this title is a sequel to Hades And it happens after the events. You also don’t You have to play Hades to play this game. You play as Melinoë to battle Chronos, the Titan of Time, and the worst dad/grandfather ever, who escaped from his prison and apparently Hades prison if the trailer is any indication.

With Melinoë and this game, the creators were looking to explore and bring to life the magic in Greek mythology and its often misunderstood connections. They allude to Hecate often, which as a heathen gets me very excited.

Witchcraft is an integral part of many Greek myths, including some of the most famous ones, as well as many that inspired the original Hades and of course this sequel. Central to this ancient and often feared and misunderstood practice is Hecate, the secret goddess of magic and the crossroads. She plays such an important role in the classic myths surrounding Hades and the Underworld, and has been such an influential and compelling figure in magic, mythology, and folklore in a variety of cultures for thousands of years… that we felt like we needed a whole new game to try and do her justice. As with the original game, our goal is to be true to the spirit of the classic sources that inspired us, from Homer to Hesiod. This extends to our depiction of magic in this game, due to its strong connection to many of the legends and characters at the heart of both Hades and Hades II. Legendary tales of ancient gods and heroes live on by being told, retold, adapted and filtered through new perspectives through time; We’ll be excited to join you again.

We’ll find out more as the game enters early access on PC and Steam (thank the gods on my SteamDeck). However, until then, let’s guess who will appear in this new game.

What characters might appear in it The second hell?

The trailer shows us Apollo the poet, usurper, and god of light, who was absent from the first game; Moros, Death Incarnate; And the enemy, retribution incarnate. I can’t wait to romance Moros and Nemesis. I just know I can!

Of the characters missing from the first game that I hope will defiantly appear for me I have to say Hestia and Hera. The older daughters of Kronos weren’t in the game and as a Hera Stan, I missed the Queen of Revenge. If revenge was a goal, Hera would be there. As the firstborn of Kronos and Rhea, Hestia would also be a huge character to include in the narrative. Although mentioned, we also do not see predestination in Hades And it would be nice for them to get an appearance. Eris, the goddess of discord would also fit in this setting.

Now from the witches, we’ll obviously get Hecate, but I don’t think this game would be complete without the niece and aunt duo from Circe and Medea. Circe is the archetypal witch in Greek mythology and because she is the daughter of the Titan sun god, Helios, she also associates the Titans with the gods in the story. Her niece, Medea, is also a famous sorceress who was famous for being despised by women, but also a powerful sorceress who was willing to do whatever was necessary (in her mind) to survive.

Hades is one of my favorite games ever and it was the game that brought me back not only wanting to win a game, but also unlock all the side quests. It was a pleasure to play and I can’t wait to get a new story from this team that not only brings back everything I love – but adds magic to it.

(Image: Supergiant Games)

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