Game of the Year: Best PS5 and PS4 RPG of 2022

for us game of the year Coverage continues with Best PS5 and PS4 RPG of 2022of which the top four were put together by Push the box editorial team. This category crowns the best PS5 and PS4 games in the role-playing genre. In the end, we will list some honorable mentions.

Square Enix is ​​reworking the PSP spin-off Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for modern audiences from the back of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, letting newcomers get acquainted with Zack and co. Thanks to some neat game updates, the game controls better than ever before both in and out of combat. It still has some ridiculous storylines and crazy dialogue, but that’s all part of the charm at this point. While we wait for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to come to PS5, it’s not just a matter of putting in the 20 hours or so to experience what Square Enix did on Sony’s first portable system.

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Best PS5, PS5 RPG 3

Joint Guerrilla Games is one of those titles that stretches a lot of variation, and does enough to be considered a member of them all. With a decent amount of character customization, engaging side quests to complete, and a simple dialogue system, Horizon Forbidden West is a fun RPG that you can sink into for hours on end. Exploring the vast open world and learning more about its inhabitants through optional activities that expand on the main narrative, PS5 sequel, PS4 is an experience worth more than making time for.

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Best PS5, PS5 RPG 4

There’s nothing quite like a Falcom RPG, and Trails from Zero is arguably one of the Japanese developers’ best. Focusing exclusively on the technologically advanced city of Crossbell and the people who inhabit it, the game weaves together a tight story full of memorable characters – while also contributing significantly to the overarching world-building of the franchise. Throw in a solid turn-based battle system, and you have a great role-playing adventure.

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Best PS5, PS5 RPG 5

The Elden Ring doesn’t have the easiest story to follow. She cannot boast of meaningful dialogue options. And the side quests can be so obscure that it takes a detailed walkthrough online to know where to start with some of them. Why is Elden Ring the best PS5 and PS4 RPG of 2022 then? Because of literally everything else. With an unfathomable sense of freedom, a ridiculously long list of build options, and characters as intriguing as they are enigmatic, FromSoftware’s saga is the definition of role-playing this year. A remarkable feat that many RPGs will borrow from for years to come. Elden Ring sets the new standard.

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Honorable Mention: Soul Pirates 2, Star Ocean: Divine Force, and Valkyrie Elysium.

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