Lofi Girl brings awesome beats to the Frosty Girl Festival

Frosty atmosphere, from the garage to you

Feel the cool breeze nip at your front intake? it is winter! The special time of the year when we put on our biggest hoodies and snuggle up near a warm computer. It’s also a season full of music, and this year’s winter tunes come straight from Lofi Girl.

While some may remember the name chilledcow, Lofi Girl is known for her YouTube “lofi hip hop radio – tunes to relax/study” YouTube podcasts. We work together to deliver those same popular tunes Rocket League! Over the frosty festivalPlayers can unlock Luffy rewardsrefrigerated spin Player chantsor dive into it Three limited time modes.

Now, go get comfortable. Frosty Fest starts December 14th!

Comfortable challenges

The end of the year comes with all kinds of traditions and in Rocket LeagueEvery winter brings Frosty Fest challenges! Completing this year’s challenges will unlock a mix of Lofi Girl and winter-themed rewards.

beloved luffy girl cat topper Not just an item – it’s also your best friend! This fluffy cat can snooze comfortably during the wildest matches. Or, if you’re cool on high hats, rock your great taste in music luffy girl And the Lofi Girl Winter Player Banners.

The luffy girl badgesThe snowy bouquet pattern highlights the charm of the season. Snow covered fenders? This is just icing on the cake. And speaking of ice, the Snowflake antenna And the Frosty Flake Watery Perfectly match along Frozen Season 9 Elements.

The best gifts come from the heart, and Frosty Fest has a heart of gold. During the event, players can win up to five golden gifts that unlock items from to riseAnd the vindicatorAnd the Player’s Choice Item Series. Golden Gifts work in the same way as previous Gold Bonuses – complete the challenge up to five times to earn Gold Gifts, then unlock them in your inventory to unlock items.

Frosty holiday rewards

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Season sounds

You hear that music in the air? Frosty Fest has its very own winter soundtrack! kick back with Player chants Artists include Kainbeats, Purrple Cat, and xander. Each player anthem will be available individually for 300 Credits, or you can purchase the full package for 800 Credits. Lyrics will also be available on Rocket League YouTube channel Starting December 14th, Slow + Frequencies are available throughout the winter.

Frosty Fest 2022 feat. luffy girl

Don’t forget to get a file Nickname for “Frost Boss” player In the item shop!

3 winter modes

Don’t let the cold make you feel blue – we’ve got three limited-time picks to heat up your coldest nights. first up winter season! face in Throwback (snow) Arena With 3v3 hockey from December 14th to 21st.

Next, we will open a wild game for Heatseeker Ricochet From 21 to 28 December. In this mode, touching the ball will automatically propel it towards your opponent’s goal. The first 7 wins!

Finally, we will see the great return of Cut From December 28th to January 3rd! With attack, block and grab mechanics, this 8-player free-for-all game will put you to the ultimate test. No ball, no teammates, no mercy. For a deeper dive into the rules of this LTM mess, check out Knockout Bash Blog From earlier this year!

Gather around the fireplace and play the tunes – Frosty Festival will run from December 14th to January 3rd

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