Explaining each new Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse He’s got big shoes to fill as the sequel to 2018’s game-changing feature, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. It should look just as good, if not better; just as exciting, if not more; And it introduced a slew of new Spider-themed heroes to rival the already wild first blockbuster of Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider, Spider-Ham, Peni Parker, and Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir.

So, who’s up to the bat, spider? there for via spider-verse Spider-people we know so far.

Spider-Man 2099

Image: Sony Animation

real name: Miguel O’Hara
voice: Oscar Isaac

This is Freebie: The Spider-Man of 2099 already appeared in In the spider verse first! This spider-man, who appeared in insideHis credits sequence, he is easily recognizable by his distinctive red and dark blue suit. This is Miguel O’Hara, or colloquially, “Spider-Man 2099.”

Marvel’s “2099” setting began with a series of comic titles in the early 1990s, an imprint that aimed to deliver the true, real future of the high-tech Marvel Comics universe – a Batman next Kind of an idea years before the animated series even got there.

In the comics, Miguel is a scientist who was betrayed by his corporate masters and his research partners, long story short, he ends up with 50% spider DNA and becomes the Spider-Man of his day, venturing out with the help of his assistant, an AI called Lyla, also featured in a scene credits. in spider verseHowever, it appears that he has already discovered the multiverse, and is about to use a universe-traveling watch of Layla’s invention to purposefully travel.

spider woman

real name: Jessica Drew
Express it: Issa Rae

In Marvel Comics, Jessica Drew may share half of Spider-Man’s name and some of his powers, but that’s about her. She wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider, she has nothing to do with Peter Parker, and she doesn’t even swing a web. She can fly!

Like She-Hulk, Jessica is a character created because Stan Lee – after clashes with DC Comics over the name Marvel’s Wonder Man being too close to Wonder Woman, and DC’s Power Girl being too close to Marvel’s Power Man – was worried that someone might swoop in. What and creates a disaffected version of one of Marvel’s greatest hits, without Marvel seeing a dime.

Spider Bank

Spider-Punk is swinging around town, donning his Spider-Man costume with yellow sneakers, a sleeveless denim jacket, a mohawk, and an electric guitar on his back, in Spider-Punk #1 (2022).

Photo: Cody Ziglar, Justin Mason / Marvel Comics

real nameHobart “Hobie” Brown
Express it: Daniel Kaluuya

Created for Marvel Comics’ first Spider-Verse event, Hobie Brown is Spider-Man by way of classic British punk culture. A homeless teen empowered by radioactive waste – illegally dumped by Norman Osborn’s corporation – led New York City’s downtrodden against the privatized police, killed Osborn by smashing his electric guitar, and lived happily ever after until the next Spider-Verse event and of course his own mini-series.


Miles Morales comes to Takuya Yamashiro, and dines in his traditional Japanese home.  Miles is drawn in his usual brightly colored outfit, while Takuya and his surroundings are drawn in a monochrome manga style.  From Spider-Verse #1 (2019).

Photo: Jed McKay, Sheldon Villa / Marvel Comics

real name: Takuya Yamashiro
Express it: Unknown

Yeah, yeah, yeah, great! Unless you’re a huge Tokusatsu fan, you probably haven’t seen an episode from 1978 Spider Man TV series. But if you’ve been anywhere on the internet, you’re probably familiar with some screenshots and GIFs of the strange partnership between the Toei Company and Marvel Comics.

In the Spider Man TV series, The wall crawler is Takuya Yamashiro, a motocross racer who uses various techniques that allow him to do things approx Like the comic book version of Spider-Man. As Supaidā Buresuretto, who shoots Supaidā Sutoringusu and Supaidā Netto, and stores the Supaidā Purotekutā suit when he is not wearing it. He also has a flying car and spaceship that transforms into a 15-story-tall mech called the Leopardon (or rubardon).

Phil Lord confirmed that the design was by Takuya Yamashiro has been created, though what that means for his appearance in the movie is anyone’s guess. For example, Leopardon already had a blink appearance or you will lose it Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man India

conceptual art for

Photo: Sony Pictures

real name: Paviter Prabhakar
Express it: Unknown

Producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord confirmed in a post-trailer chat that Paviter Prabhakar, an Indian boy given spider powers by an ancient yogi, who later appears in the comics’ Spider-Verse, will appear in the film. sequel.

Bombastic Bag Man

Photo: Sony Pictures

real name: Peter Parker
Express it: Unknown

First introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #258, “Bombastic Bag-Man” — the name applied to Peter Parker’s outfit after it separates from the symbiote in Reed Richards’ lab — might be the funniest thing Marvel has committed to on paper. Fans have been reviving this silly outfit lately Spider-Man from Marvel on PlayStation 4. Rightfully so, he makes his on-screen debut — though, without the borrowed Fantastic Four suit — in via spider-verse.

Insomniac Spider-Man and Spider-Man

Photo: Sony Pictures

Real names: Peter Parker and Miles Morales
Express it: Unknown

I originally joked In the spider verseInsomniac Games will feature Spider-Man (and the other Spider-Man, Miles Morales) in via spider-verse Fully realized, based on the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment from the sequel’s run through the Spider-Verse. (Nearby is another spider who appears to be wearing a variant of the Spider-Armor MK II suit, which was also seen in Insomniac’s PlayStation game.) Background inscription – unknown.

The amazing spider monkey

The amazing spider monkey eats a banana with his mask on

Photo: Riley Brown, Chad Wayne Harden / Marvel Comics

real name: Peter Parker
Express it: Unknown

In 2009, Marvel introduced the “monkey-verse” The Amazing Spider-Man, who joins the Ape-vengers on an adventure that sends primates into the Marvel zombie-verse. Things got weird, but the main thing is that there’s a spider version of Peter Parker who hangs out with his buddies like Bruce Banner.

Lady Spider (and “Spider-Man Underwear”)

Iron Spider walks with his coffee through the spinning multiverse in Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse

Photo: Sony Pictures

real name: Mae Riley
Express it: Unknown

The girl with the laptop and Iron Spider-like mechanical arms appears to be Lady Spider, the steampunk-inspired heroine who hails from the Industrial Revolution and featured in Marvel’s spider verse Comics series.

Peter Parker who only wears a mask and also appears as Spider-Man-themed Andros.

The second trailer for In the spider verse Also includes dozens of other cameos, from Spider-Man suits to alternate universe characters, including Marvel Mangaverse Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited, Werewolf Spider-Man, and… Is This… Italian Spider-Man ? it can not be.

[Ed. note: These are all the officially announced new Spider-Persons appearing in Across the Spider-Verse. But in this era of delayed blockbusters, unofficial leaks based on toy announcements can tell us more. If you’d like to go into Across the Spider-Verse only knowing about the characters that Sony has said are definitely in the movie, stop reading here! But if you’d like to know everything before putting your butt in a theater, read on!]

Scarlet spider

Ben Reilly / The Scarlet Spider peeks out from a tall window, wearing a sleeveless spider hoodie over his all-red spider suit, as he parodies JJ Jameson in Spider-Man #54 (1995).

Photo: Howard Mackie, Tom Lyle / Marvel Comics

real name: Ben Riley
Express it: Unknown

Ben Reilly was the central character of the hugely successful and widely known Spider-Man arc Reproduction saga. To boil all the drama of the Clone Saga down to its core, Ben is introduced in the 1970s as a clone of Peter Parker, right down to having many of the same memories, before he was killed while fighting a bad guy. Or was he?

Two decades later, a Marvel editorial revealed that Ben was still alive, and — a twist — he wasn’t a clone at all — was the real Peter Parker. In a terrifying mix-up, Peter Parker who has been flirting with the persona of Spider-Man all this time is revealed to be the actual clone. This caused a lot of anxiety for both Spider-Mans, until – another twist – it was just a joke between Ben actually being a clone and Peter really being the original Peter all along.

Ben lives on in Marvel Comics as the more disturbed and out-there Spider-Man than Peter Parker, and he seems to be playing a role in via spider-versejudging from the leaked Hasbro game release.

Cyborg Spider-Man

A variant of Spider-Man stocked with a metal cannon arm and painted shoulder armor stands beside his toy box

Image: Hasbro

real name: Unknown
Express it: Unknown

We know very little about Cyborg Spider-Woman, except that Hasbro made a spider verse Its draw game. There is no Cyborg Spider-Woman in Marvel Comics. there he is Spider-Man is a cyborg, but he’s only appeared in a handful of issues, and all we really know is that he’s Spider-Man with cyborg parts.

It’s as if if we want to know more about this mysterious mega-Spider-Man, we simply have to wait Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse to hit theaters on June 2, 2023.

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