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Joe Rogan is certainly one of the most divisive comedians and personalities, and while he’s had beef with just about everyone else, he may soon meet his match after Dwayne Johnson’s steroids call-out. During the final episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience (And what an experience), the fear challange The host made comments about his belief that the star of the Jumanji franchise was too bulky at the age of 50 to have a juice. In the clip, which you can see above, Rogan tells the wrestling star to “get well” and tells fans he’s “lying.”

Joe Rogan’s personal attack on Dwayne Johnson occurred in the aftermath of the major scandal currently rocking the powerlifting and bodybuilding community after their superhero, the King of Liver aka Brian Johnson, admitted that he only reached his physical fitness using steroids. . For those who may not know, the King of Liver claimed to have built his insane set of muscles from rigorous workouts paired with adherence to a raw food diet that included eating uncooked meat – mainly liver. During his podcast, Rogan said the social media influencer’s confession was completely “expected” because he believes it’s impossible for a man in his 40s to look “unbelievably hacked” like Brian Johnson.

Then Joe Rogan turned his suspicious gaze toward Dwayne Johnson, stating his belief that the pro-wrestler-turned-movie star was misleading fans into thinking his diet and exercise were the reason behind his muscular build. The button-pushing celebrity added that it was beyond his belief that someone could reach this level of fitness at the age of an actor and that even with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) it was an impossible feat. “Rock music has to come clean now,” Rogan commented before ending the segment on the smoothie scandal.

Although Joe Rogan has offered his opinion and theory behind Dwayne Johnson’s alleged performance enhancer use, rockers who are bound to have words for the podcast host had better beware. He may be ripped, but Johnson has been open about how he stays fit thanks to several balanced meals full of macros and weight-based workout sessions. Recently, the artist was seen as an anti-hero in the capital Black Adama role that forced him to grab as much as possible.

Black Adam after credits
Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam (2022), maybe thinking about what to do with Joe Rogan

Because of Jungle trip The star is very well known for his muscular exterior, and Joe Rogan’s comments might come across as combative words when they finally make their way into Dwayne Johnson’s ears. Johnson seems to be a man who takes a lot of pride in the way he carries himself be it at the gym, on Hollywood sets or even on the streets of Los Angeles where he has been known to greet groups of tourists. Then again, there’s also a good chance Johnson won’t even think about Rogan’s comments.

One of the busiest men in Hollywood, Johnson’s schedule is always full of new projects. Currently , Fast & Furious Shows: Hobbs & Shaw The star is working alongside Chris Evans in the action-packed holiday movie titled one red, is scheduled to land next year. With this in mind, we think Joe Rogan’s comments will go unnoticed by Dwayne Johnson who will continue to pump that iron and eat those lean proteins.

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