A breakdown of the gods and characters shown in Hades II reveals the trailer

Expanding the Pantheon

Supergiant Games is working on Hades II, and is its first-ever sequel, as confirmed at last night’s Game Awards. The reveal trailer has plenty of anecdotes, details, and plenty of new gods and goddesses to see.

the first Hades It received a lot of acclaim, in part because of how Greek myth is interpreted in the Superigant’s version of Underworld. for Hades IIThis doesn’t seem to have changed.

In the new FAQ about Hades IISupergiant, Inc., shares some details about what it calls a direct sequel to the first Hades. And while mythology is definitely back in focus, Supergiant has shifted toward one specific area: magic.

“As with the original game, our goal is to be faithful to the spirit of the classic sources that inspired us, from Homer to Hesiod,” the FAQ says. This extends to our portrayal of magic in this game, given its strong ties to the many legends and characters at their respective cores. Hades And the Hades II. Legendary tales of ancient gods and heroes live on by being told, retold, adapted and filtered through new perspectives through time; We’ll be excited to join you again.”

This focus is important, because Hades II He looks forward to diving into the less obvious well of gods, especially some magic. For those unfamiliar or just curious about Greek mythology, I thought I’d take note of everyone featured in the trailer, and their mythological backstories. (Also credit to Supergiant for noting each of them in their YouTube description, too.)


Zag takes a backseat this time to Melino, who appears to be the new protagonist Hades II. With a knife and machete, she definitely has a different style of fighting, even if her general painting is reminiscent of Zagres.

In the Supergiant’s FAQ, the team highlights how Melinoë is similar to Zagreus. Both are legendary figures that leave a lot to interpret. And they share another connection, too: their relationship to Hades, lord of the underworld:

Like her brother Zagreus from the original game, Melinoë is not a character of our own invention, and is based on an ancient deity of the underworld thought to be connected to Hades. The little bit of ancient mythology that exists about her was more than enough to make us want to explore her story and connect with her family, and in so doing expand Our vision of the underworld.

The myth of Melino refers to her as the daughter of Persephone, and it seems that Hades is really her father. Melinoë is also referred to alongside Hecate as a moon goddess of sorts. Magic sure seems to be an essential part of her design.


Speaking of magic and magic, say hello to Hecate. They are often associated with witchcraft and witchcraft, as well as the crossroads, moon, night, and more. Dogs are also part of her imagery.

Hecate appears as a mentor of sorts to Meleneo, which makes sense both mythologically and because Hades himself seems a little unstable. My favorite part of the trailer for me is how we can see Hecate use magic in battles, tracing a circle in the dirt with her heels to leave a trap for Melino. Suffice it to say, I’m really digging this direction for the sequel.


Moros is a bit interesting, as it is completely descended from the divinity. He’s a Nyx kid, and you’ll remember him from the very beginning Hades. But while Thanatos represents one aspect of death, Moros represents the concept of torment itself. So not death, but the possibility of death itself.

It’s a stylish highlight that can play its part Hades II in an interesting way. Evidently, Moros can give people the ability to see their own death. For a marrog-like game, that’s certainly an interesting possibility.


The god of archery, prophecy and the shining sun is here Hades II. While his twin Artemis was first in the game as a potential Boon donor, now Apollo seems to have gotten his turn. We can actually see Bon the god of light in the screenshot above.

His powers can also be interesting. The sun and light are obvious inspirations, but Apollo includes a lot of other concepts as well. He personifies prophecy, and is often associated with medicine and healing. There are a lot of ways the Supergiant could go with this deity, and I’m also glad to see him show up in Hades-Aya too. Look at this art! And speaking of art…


The show-stealer of the trailer was the majestic warrior Nemesis, the embodiment of vengeance. Divine retribution, to be exact. He is often depicted with a whip and dagger, and odds seem high we could see Nemesis as a Meg-like presence for Melino.

Enemy atmospheres are basically just stalking and offering revenge. In Narcissus’ story, she is the one who lures him into the pool where his reflection catches him and he dies. She loves to flatter people who are prone to arrogance.


Now, this is a bit unclear. Dora is not specific to anyone. But speculation abounds, such as Medusa in which Dosa was HadesDora is actually Pandora Hades II.

Most people know the story of Pandora and her box. And given that she’s a shadow, that could fit the description. Either way, Dora seems to fit Dusa’s role in the role of the charming assistant friend incredibly well.

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