Best Camera Phone Readers’ Choice 2022: Which Phone Won the Blind Shooting Chance?

Robert Triggs/Android Authority

Four mystery devices, 14 batches of samples, three days of voting, and thousands of responses later—we asked and told about the smartphone Android Authority Our readers’ pick for the best camera phone of 2022. It was close, and I mean Is that true close.

To recap, we’ve narrowed the selection down to four camera phones reviewed in 2022 and asked you, dear reader, to blindly vote on which shots you like best. We have tabulated all the sounds and can now detect the phone.

Missed voting? You can check out the samples at the end of this article, now with the names revealed!

And the winner is…

Google Pixel 7 Pro camera housing

Robert Triggs/Android Authority

2022 Readers' Choice Award Winner

While the voter results between the four phones were very close (all within 0.4 of each other), two phones stood out for you — Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max and Google’s Pixel 7 Pro. They ended up almost inseparable, but some last-minute voting pushed the Pixel 7 Pro ahead (by just 0.02) to win our 2022 Reader’s Choice award for best camera phone.

The two had the largest share of results rated four or higher, with 63.8% of voters giving the Pixel 7 Pro a high score and 62.8% the highest rated iPhone. Clearly, voters were generally impressed. But this is a notable win for the Pixel 7 Pro, given its reasonable price compared to all the other shootout competitors.

The Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have mostly received high marks from our readers.

Our readers are clearly very demanding in the camera department, with the Xperia 1 IV and Galaxy S22 Ultra receiving scores of one in just over 10% of voters, and nearly 25% of voters issuing scores of two or less to these phones. Harsh, but we certainly agree that Sony’s flagship struggles to deliver the bright, vibrant shots that its competitors offer, while Samsung’s best had noise problems and a somewhat poor picture in the few shots we took.

More Pixel 7 Pro camera shoots:

worthy winner

The Pixel 7 Pro has already won Android Authority 2022 Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice awards for best overall smartphone, so it’s a nice sweep of Google’s flagship this year. Although perhaps more surprising is how close the iPhone 14 Pro Max came in the reader vote. With the brand hidden, Apple’s premium flagship can impress the Android faithful.

In fact, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have been on our photography radar, and basically everyone else’s, since launch. From stunning everyday shots, seen here, industry-leading astrophotography capabilities to impressive Super Res Zoom, and software features that include Image Enhancements, Magic Eraser, and more. Google has made photography a central part of its Pixel identity, and it’s clear that the business has paid dividends because it can keep up with and outpace the best.

Google’s Pixel 7 Pro is a worthy winner. Congratulations Google!

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Best Google Camera • High quality screen • Big battery

Pixel 7 Pro is the best phone on Google’s list.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro takes the best features from the Pixel 6 Pro, and makes them even better. Enjoy several camera upgrades and some fun new software tricks, all for the same cost as the last generation of Pixel phones.

Camera samples revealed!

Just in case you missed our Readers’ Choice vote, below are all the samples, now with the names revealed so you can compare to see which one is which! You can check out this Google Drive folder for all the full-res samples.

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