Here are 5 great features coming soon to Windows 11

Windows 11 2022 Update is now available and later feature drops are available for more users. The first major update for Microsoft’s operating system adds many new features and fixes the shortcomings of the initial release. However, Microsoft is not done upgrading Windows 11 and adding additional capabilities. Here are five nifty changes and improvements that Microsoft added to preview builds of Windows 11 after releasing the first feature updates.

1. Animated icons in the Settings app

Windows 11 is a beautiful operating system, though there is room for consistency improvements. Microsoft sometimes surprises its customers with its extreme attention to detail, and the updated Settings app is one example. Settings now feature new icons that play neat animations when you click them.

Animated icons in an application

Of course, this is nothing but groundbreaking, but it’s still great to see such “unexpected moments of joy with purpose” (that’s what Microsoft calls small animations across Windows 11).

2. Seconds clock in notification area

It’s hard to praise Microsoft for bringing back features the company removed when users upgraded from Windows 10 to 11. However, they are what they are — preview builds of Windows 11 now let you enable seconds on the clock in the notification area. We now hope that Microsoft will reconsider its decision not to give customers the ability to change the position of the taskbar (the company believes that this feature is not important).

Windows 11 taskbar updated in seconds per hour

3. Best Windows Tools

I don’t know a single user who likes Windows Widgets in their current form. The idea is excellent (remember Live Tiles?), but the execution is poor at best. However, Microsoft isn’t giving up on Windows Widgets – here are the widget improvements coming soon to Windows 11 users:

View Windows Widgets full screen in Windows 11

Microsoft can also turn to a recently fan-posted Windows 12 concept or read our feedback hub filled with complaints about Windows Widgets if the company needs some ideas.

4. Not fake search box

Not everyone will share my enthusiasm about this. However, I think those who actively use Windows Search will be happy with the native search box that Microsoft added to Windows 11 in build 25252. It allows you to enter text where you click without shifting focus to another window or field. Of course, the new search box can’t fix some of Windows Search’s weak quirks, but that’s a topic for another article.

The new search box on the taskbar in Windows 11

5. Improved task management

The updated task manager received a search box for finding the required process. Also, the app now features improved theme support (you can make the task manager light or dark regardless of the system theme), more modern dialogs, and the option to disable warning about efficiency mode.

Task Manager open in dark mode on Windows 11 desktop

It should be noted that you can already enable the updated task manager in the Windows 11 2022 update, but beware of bugs that you do not want to experience in such a sensitive area. The Task Manager should always work flawlessly, so we don’t recommend forcing the optimizations to be enabled before Microsoft starts rolling them out.


There are many of the most exciting changes to Windows 11 cooking in the ovens of the Windows Insider Program. Microsoft is making the Settings app more modern and consistent (one, two, three), adding a new VPN indicator in the notification area, creating a Settings page to make your PC more efficient, improving existing features, and so on.

What changes coming in Windows 11 excite you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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