George R.R. Martin says more Game of Thrones spin-offs have been influenced by the HBO Max drama

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Dragon houseHis arrival this year was only supposed to be the first step in a grand return to the world of Westeros – with plans for everything from knightly adventures to Jon Snow’s return on the cards. But while there are still a lot of plans in the works, it might take a little longer to get around thanks to Warner Bros. A pile of clutter has been building up lately.

The latest update in the world game of thrones The spin-offs, of course, come courtesy of the ever-present George R.R. Martin, who loves to let you know when and if he’ll provide an update on his work or revisions at any opportunity. Writing on his blog is not a blog, it is Song of Ice and Fire The author provided an update on some adaptations of not only his fantasy work, but things like the Peacock take on the sci-fi series. wild cards.

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“But now I’m back in the salt mine, where I work… I work on a lot of bloody stuff, and my head might soon explode. Yeah, Winter winds, Yes Yes. And the Dragon house, the second season. And this summer’s turmoil at HBO Max has dramatically changed plans for what we might see of Westeros in the distant future, Martin wrote, before explaining.

“Some of those are moving faster than others, as is always the case with development. None of them have been greenlit yet, though we hope…maybe soon. A couple have been shelved, but I don’t agree they’re dead.” You can take anything off the shelf as easily as you can put it on the shelf,” Martin continued. “All the changes in HBO Max have definitely affected us. We’re also still developing wild cards TV series by Peacock, based (largely) on FORT FREAK. And I have wild cards Books to edit. Oh, and I forgot Winter winds? No, of course I didn’t. But if I ever did, I know you guys will remember me.”

Behind – to the other side Dragon houseAll we know about the possible future game of thrones The popup is mentioned above Dunk and eggs series – adapts Martin’s novels following the adventures of hedge knight Duncan the Tall and Squire Egg, secretly Aegon V Targaryen – and a sequel series set after the conclusion of game of thrones After Jon Snow by Kit Harington. Martin makes it seem as if more is on the way, but right now it’s on a lag. But as the author says, these can be put on, hung, and taken off at any time—granted Dragon houseStrong debut this year, many doubts about it game of thronesA controversial legacy could prove an entire people wrong returning to Westeros.

One thing is not in doubt: we may have to wait for a file Extremely Long time to see what else Martin and Warner Bros. have planned A song about ice and fireThe future of television.

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