Top 5 Business Cards You Need in Genshin TCG, Genius Invokation

Travelers now trade their swords for cards after the release of Genshin Impact’s new game mode, Genius Invokation TCG.

Genius Invokation allows players to build their own deck and go head-to-head with the best Teyvat card players. In addition to offering cards to your favorite characters, your deck includes purchasable joint action cards that help you in battle.

Here are five action cards that can turn the tide during a Genius Invokation duel.

The 5 best business cards to use in your Genius Invokation deck

The best travel companion! Helps you through bad dice rolls

Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion / ONE Esports

Card description: Convert the spent elemental dice into elemental omni dice
cost: 2 dice with an unaligned element

With the dice serving as your action currency, it is important that you get the right item during the rolling phase, but this isn’t always the case.

If you get a bad listing, you can help yourself with the Bestest Travel Companion event card. This quick action actually has no cost as it turns two dice into an Omni Elemental Dice. This allows you to continue the round with eight available dice.

Strategy is a great way to bring out your best cards

Strategize as the best action cards in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion / ONE Esports

Card description: Draw 2 cards
cost: 1 die

The best way to get an advantage over your opponent is to have the most cards on hand, and you can do that with the event card, Strategies.

While the card is pretty simple, it gives you the chance to have your best cards ready. Since there are 30 cards in your deck, strategies can help scan your deck to find the special trump card for an all-out attack.

Liben offers amazing deals in card battles

Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion / ONE Esports

Card description:
End Phase: Collect the unused item dice (maximum 1 of each item type)
When the action phase begins: If this card collects 3 elemental dice, draw 2 cards and create an elemental omni die, then discard this card
cost: 0 dies

Back with more than great merchandise, Liben is now a no-cost support card at Genius Infokation.

The Shiny Dealer gives you two Omni Elemental cards and dice for the price of three unused dice of different suits during different rounds.

Although it seems like a big investment, a support card extends the action phase into subsequent rounds. With nine dice left, you can set up a series of attacks that are bound to knock out an enemy character’s card.

Leave it to me! It is an excellent re-engagement tool

Leave it to me!  card in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion / ONE Esports

Card description: The next time you perform a Character Switch: this switch will be considered a quick action instead of a combat action
cost: 0 dies

Leave it to me! It is the perfect move for aggressive card players.

The Noelle-inspired event card allows you to switch characters without giving the turn to your opponent. This is best used when two finalists are ready so you can do them in succession if you have enough dice.

You can also pair the card with Kaeya’s ultimate icy waltz. Since Glacial Waltz will attack the opposing active character whenever you switch characters, you can get a quick Cryo attack to set up a powerful elemental reaction.

Shift shifts will change your life

Genshin Impact's changing shift card
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion / ONE Esports

Card description: The next time you perform a “Switch Character”: Spend 1 less Elemental Die
cost: 0 dies

We all love a good opponent, and that’s what Changing Shifts is all about.

This support card removes the standard per-die cost of switching characters, making it a must-have for an extended action phase.

Since it has no cost as an event card, Changing Shifts can be played early in a round to ensure you have enough dice for multiple attacks.

The best way to use this card is besides leave it to me! This allows you to switch once as a quick action at no cost, which can come in handy when you’re saving the dice for a killing blow.

Learn more about how to play the TCG with our guide to Genius Invokation.

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