Stream it or skip it: ‘Something from Tiffany’s’ on Prime Video drops Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson for best movie of the season

A good holiday romcom shines on Prime Video Something from Tiffany. Zoe Deutch (Not okay) and Kendrick Sampson (Unsafe) star in the most luxurious romantic movie of the season – but Something from Tiffany rough diamond? Or is this film really pure cubic zirconia?

essence: Zoey Deutch stars as Rachel, a successful chef who lives in New York City with her boyfriend, Gary (Ray Nicholson). Kendrick Sampson plays Ethan, a novelist on vacation in the city he once connected with his daughter Daisy (Leah Jeffries); His girlfriend Vanessa (Shay Mitchell) is on her way to meet them at Christmas in New York. Ethan plans a big surprise for Vanessa, too: he’s bought an engagement ring from Tiffany and is going to propose. But when Ethan bends over to help a man who was hit by a car in front of a Tiffany bag, he accidentally picks up the man’s little blue bag and leaves his engagement ring with a stranger.

This stranger is Rachel’s friend Gary. Cue the dramatic sting music!

Ethan and Daisy go to the hospital the next day to check up on the stranger (Gary), and this is where Ethan meets Rachel. Ethan and Rachel quickly hit it off – and then things get complicated when, on Christmas morning, Vanessa opens a pair of earrings and Rachel opens a massive diamond ring. Now Ethan is confused, Rachel is suddenly engaged, and a concussed Gary goes along with it. What are the implications for Ethan, Vanessa, Rachel, and Gary, and most importantly, for Ethan and Rachel?

Something from Tiffany - Gary, Rachel
Erin Simkin/Prime Video

What movies will remind you of?: The grainy shots of the city and the way this movie captures the feel of the season makes me think of it When Harry met Sally, surely. And any movie with a marital mishap that runs from Christmas to New Year’s is going to be a big deal while you were sleeping energy. And to put it back on point, I’d say this one has a lot in common with classic holiday-adjacent romances like holiday issue or The store is around the corner.

A performance worth watching: Jojo T Gibbs (20s) takes a usually ungrateful role, that of the best friend in the title role, and turns it into the film’s biggest source of laughter. She crushes every line of reading (“Don’t worry kid. I don’t know the social cues yet”) and makes you happy to see her on screen every time. Give Gibbs all the turns.

Something from Tiffany - Rachel, Terry
Erin Simkin/Prime Video

Unforgettable dialogue: Love that after Rachel introduces Terry as a business partner, Terry tells Ethan, “I’m also her best friend.” Rachel and Ethan also talk about their biggest career failures like this: “If you had him Titanic Of the books, then I had it 127 hours of restaurants.”

Eid tradition: Daisy used to wear ugly Christmas sweaters with her mom and dad every Christmas Eve, but that tradition was interrupted when her mom died.

Two turtle doves: holiday key On UPtv he talks about strangers who pick up the wrong luggage at baggage claim and then use all the things inside to reconnect with each other.

Does the title make any sense?: I mean, the title was good enough for the Melissa Hill novel the movie was based on -! And if Reese Witherspoon’s EP doesn’t change the title, who am I to argue?

Something from Tiffany - Vanessa
Erin Simkin/Prime Video

Our advice: Well, I feel like I jumped the gun when I started calling Hallmark movies the modern equivalents of all those romantic movies from the ’30s and ’40s. They are mostly sure, however Something from Tiffany outperforms them all. From the script to the performances to the cinematography and direction, this instantly feels like the greats from yesteryear (see: What Movies Will Remind You Of? Above).

Just in general, there is richness to Something from Tiffany Visuals, from the warm glow of Jellini to the way everyone really gathers for a true New York City winter. Setting the first part of the action at the Bryant Park Christmas market is a specific, perfect choice and really helps give this movie a high level of realism. Even the soundtrack—all these jazzy renditions of familiar tunes—provides an uplifting, timeless vibe. You won’t hear Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” here.

Although the movie looks classic, the performances and dialogue are completely modern. There is a magnetic pull between Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson. They seem to get closer and closer with every line, every sneer, every intervention, even if they don’t move at all. That’s what really makes this movie feel fresh, more than you’d expect from one of the 200 new holiday movies made each year. All of these people feel like people—even Gary and Vanessa, the two characters who get in the way of our district attorney’s office.

Something from Tiffany - Ethan, Rachel
Erin Simkin/Prime Video

There are also a lot of laughs in this movie, mostly from Terri, but a lot of the situation itself. Ethan’s face is unforgettable when he first saw Rachel wearing the ring he bought for Vanessa.

But what amazes me the most is that Something from Tiffany is a great example of what could be done with something close to the premise of a stock holiday romcom if the actors, filmmakers, but especially those on budget really believed in it. This script could have easily ended up in Lifetime, with the location moved to small-town Montana (actually Vancouver), and with Tiffany’s changed into a chic antique shop. It will be a nice movie. Instead, whatever the money and sponsorship might be, Amazon and Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine production company have paid off and made a holiday movie that has real weight to it – and is also built to last.

Our call: stream it. Something from Tiffany It is the best date night movie of the holiday season.

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