Former Giants star ‘apologizes’ to Cowboys for blowing up team: ‘I was wrong’


Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy smiles before an NFL game.

The Dallas Cowboys are focused on continuing their success during the season, but the team is already receiving flowers from former rivals.

One surprising final result in last Sunday’s box score was the Cowboys’ 40-3 win over the Minnesota Vikings, as the NFC North team had gone into the game 8-1 and hadn’t lost since Week 2.

But Dallas has put together a comprehensive performance, and now the former New York Giants and current safety ESPN analyst Ryan Clark He apologizes. Clark took a moment He woke up to send his regards.

“I was wrong,” Clark admitted. “I’m so sorry that what I did is you looked at the movie and said, ‘You know what, you have to beat me up doing things you couldn’t do… I thought the Dallas team were great Cowboys in the fact the way they served and the ways they did it at the time It was appropriate to call their coverage, but most importantly, they ran and beat and were not afraid.

Dallas likely won’t care whether Clark apologizes or not, but he’s still a feather in coach Mike McCarthy’s cap after the team’s dominant performance.

Compare Clarke’s predictions with statistics

Coming into the game, an ESPN analyst predicted a tough test for the Cowboys and understandably so. Dallas was losing in overtime to the Green Bay Packers, and the Vikings had won seven straight games.

From an analyst’s perspective, Dallas would have had a hard time dealing with Minnesota’s top offensive weapons running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

“They’d better just score Full Lots of points, because you stack the chest, 18 [Justin Jefferson] I’ll get 200. You play the lightbox, Dalvin Cook will get 200. I’m interested to see what Dan Quinn does,” Clarke said.

A look at the box score shows that neither player had a terrible performance: Jefferson recorded three catches for 33 yards, and Cook gained 72 yards on 11 carries. Obviously, neither of them made it to the endzone as Minnesota was held by only 3 points.

Cowboys looking to ‘stay angry’

Part of a dominant showing for Dallas was a breakthrough performance from defensive end Micah Parsons, who notched two sacks and added a forced fumble in the process.

The defensive end turned heads late in the game when he tried to get back on the field despite Dallas leading by several points. When asked about the moment, Parsons explained that it was all part of the winning mentality.

“I just keep going crazy,” Parsons said, according to the official Cowboys website. “People will keep courting you. It’s almost like a bully trying to take your lunch money. I’m at that point where that’s enough, you won’t keep trying to take my lunch money.”

This mindset will be important as the Cowboys compete in the NFC East. Dallas takes on the New York Giants in what should be a classic Thanksgiving Day game, and both teams will be looking 7-3 to take down the Philadelphia Eagles (9-1).

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