Here’s what a digital driver’s license looks like on Android in Google Wallet [Gallery]

As expected, Google has begun beta testing digital driver’s license and state ID card support on Android through Wallet, starting in Maryland.

Google is upfront about how they will “test this feature in beta and some features may not work as expected”. In fact, it is advised that you “keep your ID card with you.” However, out of the gate, it’s accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at some supporting airports [list]. ”

Maryland is the first state to support driver’s license and ID cards in Google Wallet on Android. (On iPhone, Arizona, Colorado, and Maryland live with Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Utah also on Apple’s initial list and other explorations.) This works with Android 8.0 and up if you’re using the latest Google Play services beta. Screen lock is required, while “You must turn on bluetooth and nearby devices”.

You can add your digital ID to Google Wallet. You can also get identity updates from your identity issuer right away, without having to wait for your physical card in the mail.

If you meet these requirements, the “Add to Wallet” menu in Google Wallet will list “ID Card (Beta)” along with your Payment Card, Transit Card, Loyalty Card, and Gift Card. With state ID or driver’s license support, Google Wallet for Android stands out with three features:

  • easy: At a TSA checkpoint, just tap, review, and confirm
  • Special: You control what is shared from your identity and who is allowed to see it
  • Believes: Your ID is encrypted and stored securely on your device, so only you can access it

According to a user today, the setup process includes taking pictures of the front and back of your ID, as well as a short video of a selfie of yourself. Google says “A picture of this video will be sent to the issuer of your identity for verification” and then you make the request.

In terms of use, Google describes the workflow for NFC and QR code with lock screen authentication required each time for access, similar to vaccination cards:

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. For a few seconds, hold the back of your phone near the NFC terminal.
  3. Review the information that will be shared.
  4. Before you can proceed, the app will ask you for authentication.
  5. To confirm information sharing, wait for the blue check mark.

  1. Open the Google Wallet app.
  2. Scroll to find “Identifier or license”.
  3. Click on your ID or license.
  4. Allow to scan the QR code on your ID.
  5. Review the information that will be shared.
  6. Before you can proceed, the app will ask you for authentication.
  7. To confirm information sharing, wait for the blue check mark.

In terms of privacy, Google maintains that digital identifiers are stored locally on your phone and can only be saved on one device. It can be removed at any time from the app, > Personal Information > Digital ID > Manage > Delete.

Meanwhile, the digital ID will not be available if you are offline for more than 30 consecutive days. This is to keep the digital refresh, with access returning after a reconnect.

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