New Street Fighter 6 trailer shows additional pre-order colors of Chun-Li, Ken, Manon, Dee Jay, Jamie and Juri in action

Capcom unveiled a lot of Street Fighter 6 news last night at The Game Awards 2022, and among new character trailers for newcomers Marisa, JP, and Manon, as well as returning fighter Dee Jay, fans were also treated to details about purchase options for the game. .

Those who pre-order Street Fighter 6 before its June 2, 2023 release date will receive a new skin for six different fighters. Capcom has released a new trailer that shows these alternate colors in action.

Pre-orders will be rewarded with 10 Outfit #1 color for the following fighters: Ken, Juri, Jimmy, Manon, DJ and Chun Li. These alternate palettes seem to revolve around the colors red and blue, with each fighter wearing their default uniforms dipped in said colours.

“Warm up with the reds and cool down with the blues,” the official Street Fighter Twitter account wrote. “Get Color 10 for Chun-Li, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Juri, and Ken’s Outfit 1 when you pre-order #StreetFighter6.”

What’s interesting about this new trailer is that it gives us an additional look at two of the newly announced characters. Dee Jay can be seen performing moves we haven’t seen in his reveal show, including a fake fireball throw and a double throw that doesn’t appear to be using the Drive Gauge.

Manon also performs a new Drive Rush combo that finishes with an agile throwing attack.

Street Fighter 6 will come in the form of three different purchase options for those looking to purchase it. The Standard Edition comes with the base game, which includes Fighting Ground, World Tour, Battle Hub, and an 18-character launch roster.

One step up and you will see your access to the deluxe version. This bundle will run you $84.99, comes in both digital and physical form, and comes packed with the base game along with the Year 1 Pass (contains four DLC characters), colors 3 through 10 for each of the default Year 1 character skins, and a bonus 4,200 driving tickets. for in-game purchases.

The Ultimate Edition is a digital-only option that gives you the base game and the Year 1 Ultimate Pass. This add-on includes the same content from the Year 1 Pass, plus 2 additional outfits and alternate colors for 4 Year 1 characters, 2 additional stages, and a bonus of 7,700 Driving Tickets, for $104.99. American dollar.

Pre-orders are now live and all the links you need can be found on the official Street Fighter website. If you’re looking to secure these 6 colors, be sure to lock in your pre-order.

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for release on June 2, 2023. It will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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