MTG players discover a new $100 chase card!?

As Phyrexia: All Will Be One’s First’s are slowly being consumed by the community, another round of Secret Lair shipments appears to have arrived on people’s doorsteps. With these come “Bonus Slot” cards that see no spoiling or pre-discussion until someone opens their product and confirms their existence. This is a fairly fun way to discover cards that are, unfortunately, rather troublesome to keep track of for retailers. Among the cards discovered is an incredibly popular card used by one of MTG’s most famous players. Here are the cards that players have discovered recently, including one that could be worth around a hundred dollars!

Another Shadowborn messenger

Yes, that’s another Shadowborn Apostle in the upper right corner of this image submitted on Reddit from what may now be a deleted account. Since that’s the case, maybe take these spoilers with a little caution. However, all of these are well-known continuations of previous spins found in Secret Lair bonus slots, and they have all the proper pool information on the bottom left of the cards. There is a very good chance that these are real.

Shadow Messenger

Two other Shadowborn Apostle featured have already been spoiled throughout the Secret Lair Bonus Slot, and they both carry a pretty solid price tag. one leans towards $85while the other leans towards $125. Given that this is the first we’ve heard of this new third messenger Shadowburn, it’s likely sitting around those prices.

Juggling the binoculars

The Sorcerous Spyglass seen in this photo is nothing new, but the full-art sliver prints seem to be. This line of full art sliver reprints has been seen everywhere for a while now, but there are so many sliver cards being reprinted that new ones are constantly popping up. According to Scryfall and TCGplayer, as of the writing of this article, these Sliver Cards were not in those locations, which indicates that they are new. Most of these sliver prints go to approx $5. These are all found as bonus slots in Junji Ito’s Secret Lair, who will return in Phyrexia: All Will be One. Notably, this charming telescope currently goes somewhere in between $15 And the $20so it’s a pretty good shot if you’re lucky enough to get one.

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Yet, the magician

The exclusive Post Malone card once thought to be exclusive may not be at all! Another Redditor posted this photo, noting that it’s the bonus card from a Post Malone Secret Lairs website. When asked which Secret Lair was part of TheMonkeyPicker, the owner of this photo simply stated, “It’s the main one. I didn’t ask for lands.”

This card famously featured Post Malone’s MTG showdown hosted on WhatNot. Comically, this thought of as an exclusive card only got him a score of 8. Post Malone’s response to this less-than-perfect score was a lament for playing the card.

I have no idea what this card costs, but if it’s a steady drop from Post Malone Secret Lairs, I wouldn’t expect it to be worth much more than the other Zur, Enchanter cards on the market. Either way, anyone who wants to get their hands on a copy of this exclusive card should be able to do so without paying thousands of dollars!

More covert shipping problems

With those spoilers out of the way, the comments on each of these Reddit posts contained some lamentations about the Secret Lair’s strange shipping patterns. While players are showing off their new loot on the Reddit page, others still haven’t received their secret loot from the previous version:

“How the hell do people have this secret stash already when I still don’t have a stash from the previous drops?” – Call_Me_Metal

“Strange we haven’t heard anything from WOTC about our junji order” – Stunning-Foot8586

One of the common issues resolved in these chats was moving shipping confirmation messages to spam or spam folders. So, if you’ve been waiting for shipping confirmation for your ex’s secret den, consider checking your spam folders before taking the next steps.

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Does anyone want this?

At the end of the day, these are very expensive skins for some cards that already have very reasonable prices in the market. These are for Commander players who want to add some personality to their decks. Shadowborn Apostle and Slivers are already popular prototypes in the format, so there are many who might be interested in these cards. However, it can be difficult to find the right buyer for unique cards like these. Either way, the chance to play the lottery while having access to some great Secret Lair cards adds some excitement to the Secret Lair product.

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