Rumor: A potential Street Fighter 6 DLC character could be hidden in the background of the latest trailer

During the live broadcast of The Game Awards 2022, the latest Street Fighter 6 trailer was shown revealing Dee Jay, JP, Manon, and Marisa all at once. We also received confirmation that Street Fighter 6 will indeed release on June 2, 2023.

Additionally, Capcom revealed that getting the Deluxe Edition ($84.99) or Ultimate Edition ($104.99) will include the Year 1 Pass – which apparently consists of four DLC fighters. Peering into the background of one of the stages shown in the latest trailer, we suspect one of the DLC fighters may already have been spotted by keen onlookers. From now on, we’ll be talking about a previous Street Fighter 6 leak that might reveal the four characters in the Year 1 Pass.

It was an unexpected turn of events when Capcom revealed the full launch slate for Street Fighter 6 back in September. Based on what’s been revealed here, we still have to expect Cammy, Zangief, and newcomer Lilly to get official trailers before the game launches.

Why did Capcom just reveal every character in Street Fighter 6 like this? That’s because a certain Street Fighter 6 leak has already apparently revealed each fighter. This leak appears to be true as the fighters’ artwork, new looks and appearances are identical to what was later revealed.

However, there are four characters also seen in the leak that have not been officially revealed by Capcom in any way yet. These four fighters are Akuma, Rashid, Ed, and a new one known as AKI

Based on everything we know so far, it seems very likely that the Year 1 ticket will consist of these four fighters mentioned above. As mentioned earlier, one of these characters appears to be hidden in the background of one of the stages shown during the final trailer.

By looking closely at the background during the scenes where JP fights Ken, a distinct figure can be seen on the top floor of the structure in the center. This character seems to have an abnormally pale tint.

In addition, this fighter appears to have some distinctive headgear or hairstyle. Meanwhile, their clothes appear bluish-purple, though this part is difficult to discern due to the character’s remoteness.

As such, it is very likely that the character in the background is AKI as seen in the leak. At this moment, not much is known about AKI, but it is widely believed that she is a Phantom, a character picked up by FANG during a short story that took place after the events of the Street Fighter 5 story.

AKI’s unnatural-looking skin color is likely a direct result of the character’s decision to come under FANG’s tutelage. After all, FANG is a practitioner of the Nguuhao Poison Hand technique.

As a result, AKI is also likely to be the type of fighter who slowly bleeds out opponents’ health bars through techniques that poison them. Aki’s pale appearance indicates that her body has a negative effect on learning and using the Poison Hand.

If this is really AKI, then this wouldn’t be the first time a fighter from Season 1 DLC has appeared in the background of a stage prior to their release since we saw the same thing with Alex in Street Fighter 5. Like the other characters, this means that this background element will be gone. Simply during matches in which AKI is selected for use.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed at this moment even if there are plenty of signs that seem to be lining up perfectly. We’ll just have to wait for this kind of detail to be officially confirmed by Capcom themselves when they’re ready to make the announcement.

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