Watch Tom Cruise Go Full Santa for an amazing Christmas mission

The Nerdist has put together an amazing mashup trailer, based on a tweet by Glen Powell, that brings together Top Gun: Maverick and Santa Clause.

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Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is back on top of the world after the historic performance of Top Gun: Maverick, but the crazy geniuses at The Nerdist reimagined the action star as Santa Claus. Crazy mix of Top Gun: Maverick And the Santa Clause It shows how well the two franchises can work, because it’s easy to reach all the kids in the world when you move to Mach 10. Perhaps most impressive about the short video is how well the dialogue moves from movie to movie, Jon Hamm mentioning how the maverick wasn’t on the list is pure perfection.

Tom Cruise should be made Top Gun: Christmas True movie, Top Elf sends reindeer out, and trains the sled team to get a job done on Christmas Eve. At the very least, he was doing a better job than Jack Skellington did when he briefly took over as Santa. As Mashup mentions, this only happened because of Cruise Top Gun: Maverick Co-star Glen Powell sent out a tweet explaining the plot of the fake movie.

Top Gun: Christmas It is, unfortunately, not an actual movie (yet), but it really is a better Christmas movie than Tom Cruise’s only holiday movie so far, closed eyes. Yes, the thriller he made with his then-wife, Nicole Kidman, under the eye of legendary director Stanley Kubrick, is a Christmas movie. The suspenseful film takes place during the Christmas season, which makes sense since it’s about a husband and wife trying to save their marriage with kinky sex, which makes perfect for the holiday.

On the other hand, Top Gun: Maverick So universal in its themes, it brings people together like a holiday classic. In Tom Cruise’s daredevil style, the star shot scenes in Navy fighter jets, an incredible feat that can only be bested by actually flying a sleigh through the air pulled by reindeer. The sequel in development remains one of the most successful films in history, with its overall standing dependent on how it does so Avatar: Water Road He does before the end of the year.

Top Gun: Top Gun Maverick 3
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise isn’t the only aeronautics expert experiencing a resurgence, as Santa Clause Star Tim Allen returned to his iconic holiday role with the Disney+ series, Santa Clause. 30 years after the first film, Allen’s Scott Calvin needs to rediscover his Christmas mojo, just as Maverick needs to get back in the air with Top Gun. just us Top Gun: Maverick The return of Scott Calvin was a huge success for Disney, proving once again that a back to basics approach to storytelling, design and writing can pay off in a big way in today’s entertainment environment.

Top Gun: Christmas It may not be real, but it’s a great testament to The Nerdist’s editors’ skills and solid world designs Top Gun: Maverick And the Santa Clause. Tom Cruise has already achieved almost everything an actor could possibly earn in Hollywood, but a family-friendly Christmas movie is something missing from his impressive resume. It’s time to go to Top Elf.

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