Let’s speculate wildly about the expiration of the White Lotus

white lotus advocated frenzied theorizing from the outset; A story that begins with a corpse tends to do just that. And when season two upped the ante with a a little Corpses floating in those beautiful Sicilian waters? This is the kind of body count that entails a kill or be killed decision!

But there are more mysteries and questions hanging over this second season than just who ends up dead. There’s so much backstabbing, enemy friction, infidelity, romantic turmoil, and financial chaos going on at White Lotus this time around, it’s hard to know how Mike White will wrap it all up with just one episode. So let’s try to figure it out together! Here are some big questions left about where these characters will land at the end of Sunday’s massive 80-minute “Arrivederci” finale, and we invite you to share your thoughts, theories, and musings in the comments.

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“The Kidnappings” confirmed to us that the story Quentin told Tanya about falling in love with a Wyoming cowboy 30 years ago wasn’t just a test to see if Tanya would catch the plot. Brokeback Mountain But it was actually the truth, and yes, that cowboy was Greg. But was it Quentin that Greg was talking to on the phone earlier this season? Or is Quentin only involved because he’s in Italy and Greg has offered him a fee?

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And finally: Italian speakers noted that the fortune-teller’s reading in “Bull Elephants” included a warning that Tanya might die. Does Tanya end up a victim? Will Portia (who now realizes that Tanya was right about Jack) return to Palermo and save her boss? Or does Greg return to Italy and end up with one of those corpses floating in the water?

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In a rare moment of loneliness, all of Di Grasso’s men worried about Lucia in the “kidnappings” and accepted her story that Alessio (whom she had told Albi was her pimp) had been following her around. Still not sure if this is true or if Lucia has been playing for a long time – perhaps to convince Albie to take her to the States? —but in the end, Bert, Dom, and Albie all shared an opinion about something that was bland and a clever, counterintuitive setting for how de Grasso would be rejected by their female relatives soon after. Will any of these experiences help di Grasso’s men see the past for themselves, or will Laura Dern continue her (earned) attacks against Doom? Will Albee, our favorite Stanford graduate, be deceived, or will he tell Lucia to live the nice life the same way he said goodbye to Portia? Most importantly: Will someone hug Burt’s lonely person?

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At least Harper admitted to Ethan that their relationship didn’t meet her needs. But did you have sex with Cam? Ethan is devoured alive by this question in “Kidnappings” with terrifying visions of Cam and Harper fooling around, and a newfound distrust of Harper matching her distrust of him. This marriage definitely looks doomed! But does Ethan go one step further by killing Cam? One could argue that Ethan’s manic workout is a way to burn off the energy (and anger?) that would otherwise boil over – perhaps toward Cam. It doesn’t seem entirely out of the question, but I think Ethan should have stopped hanging out with him after all about Lucia-and-Mia, made up with Harper, and suggested they leave the cruise early. Then again, I’m not a millionaire. Who knows why they do what they do!

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The photo Daphne showed Harper of her blond, blue-eyed baby, along with the description of her blond, blue-eyed trainer, many believe Daphne’s way of getting revenge for Cam’s constant infidelity is by having a baby with another man on top. For all spending and mind games. Is the trip a way for her to eliminate Cam and start a new life? She mentioned the true crime genre love and “couple kill each other” axiom, and she was alone on the beach in the first episode — a rare moment of solitude. Could it be because Cam, Ethan and Harper died?

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The truth is, guys like Cam usually end up okay, so maybe it helps to consider that Cam, like season one Shane Patton before him, might leave Italy in one piece and go back to his fellow Bernie Madoff-wannabe and whatever woman he has on the side in United State. Good salvation!

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