Bryce Leatherwood reveals the scariest part about winning ‘The Voice’ and why he never thought he’d win

with three out of five artists entering the sound Season 22 finale on Blake SheltonTeam, it seemed obvious that one of the three would give the OG boss his ninth win, but it was still a surprise when this turned out to be the real bluesy country singer. Brice LeatherwoodBecause at the start of the live shows, Price had to sing in the instant save to stay in the competition.

In fact, Price, who was converting into a three-seater during his blind audition, says he was surprised, and he admits that procession that there was never a point where he thought he’d give up his Universal Music Group recording contract.

“I was lying in bed Monday night trying to get some sleep before the big day on Tuesday,” he says in this one-on-one interview. “I was lying there, and I was like, ‘Man, you have a chance to win this show. However, even then, I didn’t think it was possible. But America loved Bryce Leatherwood and it was amazing to see her. He’s so humble and so beautiful.”

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